Decorating Made Easy With Real & Artificial Plants

Did you know that plants and flowers are one of the best go-to item for decorating and staging a home? That’s because they bring personality, a relaxing and light touch to the room, and have air purifying properties. They are also incredibly easy to incorporate into any décor. […]

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Kitchen Reno Tips & Tricks – Flooring

Are you thinking of tackling a kitchen renovation? Chances are, sooner or later, you’ll want to update or change your kitchen! You’ll find tons of beautiful Pinterest inspirations, budget it out, and dream of a kitchen that makes you actually want to cook (and hopefully stays clean :P)! […]

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Create Killer Rooms With Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been back in style for a while now and there are more choices than ever! You can literally find something in every color and every style, so don’t be scared of adding a little glamour with wallpaper here and there! To get you started here are three places where you can’t go wrong with wallpaper. […]

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Products I Love: Mapiful

MAPIFUL! This start-up company gives you the ability to customize and personalize a map of your favorite place. If you’ve travelled a lot or have lived in another country for a while (or are at the moment) this is great way to bring some of your personality into your décor!! […]

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This Year’s Top Fall Decor Pins

Even though it’s still technically summer in Canada and the US fall décor already spreading like wild fire in the stores and on Pinterest! Along with Christmas it’s one of my favorite decorating times of the year so you can probably imagine my surprise and horror as I walked into one of Costa Rica’s department stores on Sunday to find Christmas décor everywhere!! Thanksgiving and Halloween don’t really get celebrated here so after the 15th of September, which is their independence day, all the Christmas items come out in the stores. I guess I won’t be decorating my home for the fall this year… :O […]

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Your Style Guide For A Modern Home

What does the home of your dreams look like? Imagine for a second how it would feel to live in your dream home and what kind of furniture, décor or architecture it would have. Which would be your favorite room, and why? Would it be filled with cozy, feel-good items, and furniture? Or would it be stylish and showcase your good taste? […]

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The Best Ways To Incorporate Your Existing Furniture In A New Place

I’ve yet to meet someone who truly likes moving… the thought of moving is fun, and the prospects of a new place, a new home, or a new city is exciting. But packing and trying to see what comes and what stays? I have yet to meet someone. I myself have moved a few times, from Winnipeg to Toronto, to Calgary, to Costa Rica. I’ve learned to dread packing! I’ve learned to downsize and see what is important to me and I’ve learned a few helpful tips along the way. Here are a couple of those tips so you’ll know exactly what to bring, what to leave behind and how to arrange your furniture in your new home. Say goodbye to the headache of moving and get excited again! […]

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How To Match Elements In Your Home Without Making It Boring

Having a vision of what you want your place to look like and actually getting it done can be a challenge, especially with sooo many options out there to choose from. One of the biggest challenges when decorating a home is having everything match together but also having enough contrast to give some interest and not be boring or bland. But don’t worry, there are shortcuts and little juicy tips that can make that a whole lot easier! […]

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How To Get Your Projects Done

Re-decorating or trying to put together your home is usually like everything else in life…you have a wonderful idea but it can take forever to get it done. Seems like life is just soo busy! It doesn’t have to be that way though. You can re-decorate or design your dream home in no time with a couple of project management tips. Plus, a little secret… these 8 steps can also apply to other areas of your life. […]

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3 Tips to help you decide if you should tackle a DIY project

To DIY or not to DIY is the question! With DIY projects everywhere (hello Pinterest) it’s kind of hard not to want to try your hand at one. But is is really worth it? What if yours doesn’t end up looking as good as the picture on Pinterest? Here are 3 tips to help you decide if you should tackle a DIY project. […]

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