How I Learned To Quiet My Life: Why I Design & Decorate

This blog is going to be a bit more personal because Mauve Interiors is going to go through a bit of a cleanup and identity change over the next few weeks. And the direction it’s going to take is going to be based on my personal experience and those that are in a similar boat. [...]

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Blogger’s makeover: Contemporary washroom

A couple months ago a did my first washroom renovation here in Costa Rica! I have to say, I did learn a thing or two about working down here :). Thankfully the washroom turned out really nice and those at the office, where the washroom was renovated, were really happy with the end product. […]

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Decorating Checklist To Finish This Weekend!

While lately I seem to be running away from checklists, I can't deny that sometimes it's nice to have a piece of paper or a list that tells you exactly what to do and guides you through your day! This weekend, don't worry about figuring out how you'll manage to tidy up your place, just grab [...]

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Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Easily Apply Them

Starting a new decorating project and need some pointers on style? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve gathered 8 most popular interior styles that you can come across in modern homes. […]

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Small Changes That Give You Big Results!

Combined spaces, such as open concept homes, are always a bit tricky to put together and decorate as they have to match and flow together! Layout and defined spaces become extremely important factors because that is what makes the difference between spaces (kitchen, dining, and living room) that makes sense and flow together, or a large area that looks messy all the time. […]

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How You Can Make Your Life A Little Easier

You've all heard that it's the small details that make the difference, the jewelry and accessories that make the outfit. It's the same with the places we live in... the décor items are what bring the final touches that make a space feel complete, homey, and exciting. Although that doesn't mean we need to dress up [...]

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Designing And Decorating Your Space With Megan!

It just naturally happens. I walk into a space and my wheels start turning. My creative impulses start coming alive. I instantly start designing and bring the space to order in my mind. I see the potential beauty and cohesiveness of the area. Immediately, I am ready to begin transforming the space into its full potential. I enjoy creating a new design and décor for any space I come across. I love forming not just beautiful but also functional environments. […]

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5 Of My Favorite Storage Solutions

I recently came across these 5 storage pins on Pinterest and thought I would share them with you! There are tons of organization and storage tips & tricks on Pinterest but these ones are some of my favorites. Especially numbers 1 and 2! This phone charger station is super cute and saves you some counter [...]

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Save Yourself A Headache The Next Time You Hang Artwork!

To be completely honest with you, I never liked hanging artwork or frames! It’s just a pain to have to measure the correct height. Then, if your artwork or frame is on the heavy side, you hope that there is a stud at the correct place in the wall so that it will support it (and it very very rarely happens)! Then you have to make sure it’s straight which is easier with someone’s help. […]

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Add Inspiration To Your Home! – Where To Find Artwork

If you’ve been reading my latest blog posts you probably picked up on the fact that I like talking about inspiring decor – that decor should inspire you! It does many other things as well, but isn’t it fun to think that decor can inspire you to create, be a better person, to grow and to do the next big thing? Especially when it comes to artwork. […]

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