Why Aren’t You Making a Design Plan? And How to Use Pinterest as Inspiration

It’s no secret that all of you probably have a pinterest board for decor and design with tons of inspiration and someday ideas for your home! There is also a good chance that you haven’t implemented any of these ideas because you don’t know where to start :(, but what if I told you it’s easier then it looks?! With a bit a planning and a design plan, everything is possible! […]

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Design And Decor Is Not Just Frills, It’s Efficiency And Functionality

Have you ever walked into a place and cursed décor, or gave up decorating at your own place, because all the pretty pillows on the couch didn’t leave any room for you to sit? Or the coffee table décor that was in the way of the TV and you had to move it in order to watch your favourite tb show? Frustrating, right? Don’t worry, you’re not crazy and you’re not the only one who thinks so! […]

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Decorating Your Living Room

Let’s face it, decorating can be daunting! Especially when it comes time to go to the store and choose from all the possibilities that are out there. The perfect idea you had in your mind now becomes blurred by the gazillion décor items that are available…not for those of you who have a hard time making decisions! […]

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8 Layout And Decor Steps To Set Up The Perfect Home Office

I was wondering…do you even work at you desk? Or is it so full of papers, books and crap that you end up working at the table, couch, or even worst…from your bed?? Don’t you think you’d be much more productive and relaxed if you had a desk that worked for you and helped you get your work done? […]

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How Decor Can Help You Succeed at Business

Did you know that the layout, the decor of your room and the structure of it, can really affect where you are going professionally? Whether you’re in the corporate world trying to get that next promotion or you’re an entrepreneur working from home you can do a couple of things, like structure your home a certain way, so that it can work to your advantage! It can help you be more productive, help you to really relax in between workdays and give you an upper hand with your business. […]

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Costa Rica inspired colour palettes you can steal!

This past week my parents were visiting here in Costa Rica so I got to show them some of my favourite spots around the country! I also took a ton of pictures so that I could share with you a little piece of paradise :). The colours here in nature are AMAZING so I've pulled the [...]

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8 Pro tips for your next painting project!

Did you know you can paint just about anything? It’s by far the cheapest way to update and refresh just about any item in your home and it’s super fun because you can brag that you did it yourself! If you’ve got a paint project on your mind we’ve got you covered with a few tips and your most frequently asked questions! […]

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Pantone’s colour of the year is… who cares??

If you somewhat follow design or trends and like watching HGTV shows or walking through home stores for decor items you know that every year there are different colours that are “IN”. What does this mean exactly for you and how are you supposed to use this to your advantage? […]

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The best colours for your Kitchen….and it’s probably not white!

Have you been dreaming of a white kitchen lately? Seems like everyone theses days is looking for that perfectly sleek white kitchen! They’re nice aren’t they? Big, aery, fresh, clean … except not! I’m sure you’ve also heard they can lack personality, they get dirtier much faster, they probably don’t match the rest of your house, and if you have a lot of sunlight the white can be hard on the eyes. […]

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1 Simple Hack to Add Colour to Your Home Like A Pro!

How you use colour is the most important part of making a room feel complete! But, you ask, how the heck do I choose the right colours or know what is going to look good with so many choices? […]

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