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Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Easily Apply Them

Starting a new decorating project and need some pointers on style? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve gathered 8 most popular interior styles that you can come across in modern homes. […]

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Small Changes That Give You Big Results!

Combined spaces, such as open concept homes, are always a bit tricky to put together and decorate as they have to match and flow together! Layout and defined spaces become extremely important factors because that is what makes the difference between spaces (kitchen, dining, and living room) that makes sense and flow together, or a large area that looks messy all the time. […]

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Add Inspiration To Your Home! – Where To Find Artwork

If you’ve been reading my latest blog posts you probably picked up on the fact that I like talking about inspiring decor – that decor should inspire you! It does many other things as well, but isn’t it fun to think that decor can inspire you to create, be a better person, to grow and to do the next big thing? Especially when it comes to artwork. […]

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Your Valentines Day Survival Guide

Yay, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner :). Which for me means an excuse to go buy chocolate, make some yummy food, and decorate…like I need any excuse to do that! […]

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Unconventional ways to give your room a makeover

A little tired of how your house looks at moment? You might be, especially if like me you’ve been browsing on pinterest lately, and have been comparing your house to all of those picture perfect pins oozing with trendy items. I wish I owned a little piece of all those homes ;). Well, you can, [...]

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