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Tips and tricks for decorating

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Decorating Your Living Room

Let’s face it, decorating can be daunting! Especially when it comes time to go to the store and choose from all the possibilities that are out there. The perfect idea you had in your mind now becomes blurred by the gazillion décor items that are available…not for those of you who have a hard time making decisions! […]

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8 Layout And Decor Steps To Set Up The Perfect Home Office

I was wondering…do you even work at you desk? Or is it so full of papers, books and crap that you end up working at the table, couch, or even worst…from your bed?? Don’t you think you’d be much more productive and relaxed if you had a desk that worked for you and helped you get your work done? […]

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The truth no one talks about: The secret to a magazine-like home!

Ever wondered what is the secret to all those beautiful homes in magazines and tv shows? And why the heck, no matter what you do to your home or how many DIY projects you tackle, it never looks even half as good?? It might have to do with the fact that they were decorated and designed by a professional Interior Designer, and the perfectly matched colours, and high end furniture, or… not! […]

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