Wallpaper has been back in style for a while now and there are more choices than ever! You can literally find something in every color and every style, so don’t be scared of adding a little glamour with wallpaper here and there! To get you started here are three places where you can’t go wrong with wallpaper.  


Wallpaper works exceptionally well in a guest washroom and can help add a touch of luxury! Look for something with a slightly textured color or with a simple pattern. Avoid small, intricate patterns, especially if putting wall paper on all the walls. 

Some people think that wall paper shouldn’t be put in a washroom because of the humidity, but with today’s grade of wall papers and in a guess washroom with no shower there is no problem at all. In the main washroom or one with a shower I wouldn’t recommend wallpaper but there are some that are made for high humidity environments like this which would work. Never ever put wallpaper on the walls in the shower as it won’t resist the water and will ruin both the paper and the wall. 




You can use wallpaper in the living room but as a feature only. More than that will start to look too busy. Use on the wall behind the TV or on the back side of built-ins. Like for the washroom look for a textured color of a pattern with no more than two colors. Patterns can be smaller and more intricate if it’s a small area like behind shelving or in a nook. You can even create a realistic faux brick or stone look.




In your bedroom wallpaper will add some warmth and quality to the space. You can do all the walls if it’s a textured color but if it’s a pattern look for a feature wall behind the headboard of your bed or the wall opposite (especially if you have a TV or fireplace in your bedroom).


What is your experience with wallpaper? Love it? Hate it?

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