Recently I came across the idea of a capsule wardrobe but for home decor, and I thought, genius!! Why is this not a more common thing? Have you ever heard of it before? In case you haven’t, I wanted to share with you what it is, how it works, and what to include in your home decor capsule!

Create A Timeless Home Decor Capsule Wardrobe

“This is extremely useful if you are buying your first home or apartment or creating a wedding registry Instead of choosing random items that you think you like you’ll know exactly which basics you’ll need and how to use them!!”


The idea of the wardrobe capsule is to scale down what you have in your closet and use a set amount of clothes of a period of time, which can be long or short. This is to save you money by planning and selecting what you’ll wear (no impulse buys!), saving you time in the morning by having less to choose from, and having a more cohesive style.

As to what goes your capsule wardrobe it’s actually pretty flexible. Some people swear by “classics” which they can combine with anything, such as neutral button down shirts or blouses, black, gray, or navy pants and a couple of pairs of classic shoes or boots that go with everything and can be dressed up with accessories. Others prefer to select a small amount of items that they own which really reflects they style. Both work!    

The amount of items in your capsule wardrobe can vary and you can decide what you want to include in it, as long as you do take some things out and reserve it for another season and reduce the number of items you wear over a period of time. I’ve seen different numbers but here is an example of a 37 piece capsule wardrobe:

  • 9 pairs of shoes
  • 9 bottoms
  • 15 tops
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 jackets/coats

Again, the key is that you scale down and edit your wardrobe and store away anything what you will not be using with your current capsule until you create another one. The rest of the rules are up for grabs. If you live in a place that has 4 seasons you can slit the year in 4 and update your capsule wardrobe every season winter (January-March), spring (April-June), summer (July-September), and fall (October-December) by swapping out items in your current capsule with items you have stored away.


Now how do you carry this concept over to the decor of your home? The idea, like the capsule wardrobe, is to edit what you have. You’ll want to set a limit to the amount of decor items you use at one time and rotate or update your capsule by swapping out items every once in a while. Your capsule can consist of decor “classics” like baskets, glass vases, decorative pillows, etc. or you can create your capsule based on stylized items that are uniquely your style. I’ll give you specifics for both of these!


Why would you do this and why is it better than having the same decor in your home that will last for years and years?!

1 – We like little changes

While we are creatures of habit we also like little changes here and there to keep things fresh. Like when we go for a haircut and decide to go short for a while or dye it a different color. Or we go shopping to update our wardrobe because we get tired or wearing the same clothes all the time. Decor is the same! We decorate for holidays, change pictures and artwork, move things around, and go shopping for things we don’t need just because we want something new. Am I right?! With your capsule decor you’ll only use a set amount of items that you already own and store the rest away. Every new season or change of capsule you’ll swap 4-6 items from your current decor with items you have stored away. This will make those items look fresh and new since you haven’t seen them in a while! It will also save you money because you’ll be shopping right in your own home and not get caught with impulse buys at the change of season or with holidays sales.  

2 – Less is more

I’m a huge believer that having too many things in one room and not getting rid of clutter is draining and makes it hard to relax. Having less items in your home, even it they are nice decorative items, and working on getting rid of clutter will make your home much more inviting. A lot of people like having all of their decor items out and on display which often makes homes look like an overstuffed closet with random articles and instead of cohesive well placed decor. This brings me to point number 3…

3 – Style and cohesion

Editing items and choosing what you will use together forces you to think about style, colors, patterns, and cohesion instead of just thinking of where you’ll put each decor item. With time you’ll get better at matching things while keeping it interesting and you’ll start knowing what your style is by which items you go back to over and over. You’ll also notice if you crave certain colors during certain seasons or in certain rooms.

Plus, this is extremely useful if you are buying your first home or apartment or creating a wedding registry. Instead of choosing random items that you think you like you’ll know exactly which basics you’ll need and how to use them!!


How do you go about putting your decor capsule together? Over the next 2 weeks I’ll give you the exact items I recommend to build a “classic” decor capsule and how to create a stylized capsule. Sounds exciting?? It sure is! I’ll walk you through which categories of items you should include in your decor capsule and recommended number of items per categories while introducing variations to fit you style. Keep your eyes peeled for part 2: Create Your Home Decor Capsule: The Classic and part 3: Create Your Home Decor Capsule: Styled Variation for all of this information!

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