This week I want to show you a way to arrange flowers that looks sophisticated, classy, romantic and is super easy to put together! You can be infinitely creative when it comes to flower arrangements and this arrangement definitely stands out.

Last week I gave you tips on how to update and decorate your washroom for under $30! Here is how to put together the flower arrangement that I made for the counter: a beautiful white rose displayed inside the vase which gives any washroom a spa-like feel.


  • Cylindrical glass vase
  • Rocks (enough to cover the bottom)
  • 1 White silk rose
  • 2 Springs silk leaves

1 – The Base

Start by placing the rocks in the bottom of the glass vase, making sure that the bottom is covered, up to a quarter of the vase.

2 – The Filling

Bend the stem of the flower into a spiral and stick the bottom into the rocks. Adjust the stem and flower so that the flower sits near the top of the vase or even let it stick out the top a little bit.

3 – The Icing On The Cake

Place the two leaf springs on the rocks bellow the flower, making sure that you can still see the rocks.

4 – The Party!

Display your flower arrangement! I put mine in the bathroom but it would also make a beautiful center pieces on your dinning room or coffee table!

How easy was that?! Here I used a wide and short vase but you can experiment with tall narrow vases and other shapes.

I would love to see your flower arrangements! Send me a pictures at or post it on Mauve’s Facebook page:

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