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Interior designers and décor are so expensive! You want to have a stunning and perfectly decorated home, but it just seams impossible without winning the lottery.

Plus, your home lacks in something… so after pinning about 10 thousand Pinterest images of your dream home, binge watching every home reno and décor show on HGTV, and buying new décor your home still isn’t what you want it to be. It still looks like something is missing. You want people to go WOW and be impresses when they walk into your home!


Together we’ll figure out exactly what you need to make any room in your home look stunning! Plus, there’s no shopping involved, unless you want to. Let me know what you currently like or don’t like about your home and what furniture pieces and décor items you already own. That is what we will use to re-design your room. You’d be surprised at what can be done with what you already own!

What do you get?

  • A perfectly laid out and decorated room in 1-2hrs.
  • A suggested shopping list if I feel your room needs a bit more to get it to WOW!
  • A personalized color palette delivered right to your phone before the end of the visit.
  • A drawn plan of your room for any décor pieces off the suggested shopping list and application of the color palette (if applicable).


  • A room that will make your friends and family jealous.
  • You can stop wasting precious time buying décor items that don’t go well in your room.
  • Peace of mind that your room will look it’s best and will leave you feeling more relaxed.

The Process Is Simple

It all happens within a simple visit. One that will end in a transformed room you’ll be proud to show off!

  1. Click here to let me know you are interested and I’ll get in touch with you to schedule your re-design.
  2. Photograph your room and furniture and send it to me (I’ll send you a how-to guide to help you out).
  3. Together we’ll re-design and organize your room so that it’s at its best.

But What About…

How can this work if I don’t own nice furniture or décor? Even the ugliest of couches can be dressed up! On top of re-arranging your furniture, helping you get rid of clutter, and using what you already own to decorate, I’ll recommend ways to make certain furniture pieces look nicer and share with you a shopping list of items I would recommend you add or replace.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Re-design costs $50. Think, that’s even less than buying that table lamp that you are not even using because it looked better in the store than in your home!

What Is the Next Step?

Fill out this quick form to let me know you are interested in the Room Re-Design package! I’ll get in touch with your within 24hrs to schedule your Re-Design visit.

Not Ready To Book?

Don’t worry, I understand it can be nerve racking to let someone in your home to decorate, change furniture around, and let you know all you did wrong (Don’t worry, I don’t do this last part!). While you ponder purchasing a room re-design subscribe to my newsletter for fun and useful design and décor tip each Wednesday!

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