Combined spaces, such as open concept homes, are always a bit tricky to put together and decorate as they have to match and flow together! Layout and defined spaces become extremely important factors because that is what makes the difference between spaces (kitchen, dining, and living room) that makes sense and flow together, or a large area that looks messy all the time.

Here is the office lunch room I got to work on recently where you can see how even just minor changes can make a significant difference in the space. There were 2 main things that happened in the space:

  1. The layout needed to be changed a bit to make things more convenient
  2. Some basic décor items were added to make the place more lively and homey

Nothing complicated and all for a very low budget!

living-dining room layout

The first thing was to create areas by function: the kitchen area where the fridge already was, the dining area, and the social/rest area. Seperating these areas makes the space feel more homey (the look of an open concept home) and relaxing instead of being a modge bodge of furniture. The couch that was by the window was moved, as well as the shelf with the microwaves and coffee pot.

Before layout change
living room

Before VS After. The shelf with microwaves was in the middle of the ‘living room area’.

BEFORE layout change.

AFTER layout change.

Dining room decor
Wall clock decor

Artwork and an over sized clock were added to give the room a little more life!

And that was it! The changes weren’t complicated or expensive but the room now has a new life and feels much more welcoming and cozy which was the purpose of the Re-Design.

If you are finding that your home always looks ‘messy’ no matter what you do, that you keep ‘tripping’ over pieces of furniture, or that there just never seems to be enough space in your living room, you’ll want to take a look at how a proper layout can fix those problem. Click here to see how Mauve Interiors can help you!

* DIY Large Wall Clock from Amazon

*Artwork from Siman

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