Last updated: February 15, 2017

The following TERMS & CONDITIONS are subject to change at any time and at the sole discretion of the Site owner and operator. Please visit the site regularly for updates.

Please read the following terms of Service related to the Service.

The Service is a platform enabling users (clients) to get custom interior design services, including one final design package (digital) and one revision of the final packaged based on user comments.

Acceptance of privacy policy. By using the Service and this website you agree to the privacy policy which is available at the bottom of this website or can be emailed to you directly if you wish.

Third party fees. You may incur third party fees during the use of the Service such as carrier fees and furniture delivery fees. You understand and agree that these fees are your sole responsibility. Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions on such third party as they may differ from Mauve Interiors’.

Registration. If you are under 18 years old please do not use any aspect of the Service.

Anyone can browse the public face of the website, including the blog. In order to use the service you will have to supply your email and set up a password. You will also be asked to supply your phone number and city/country of residence on your design form, once registered for the service. In order to comment on the blog or get a free consultation with a designer you’ll have to enter your name and email address.

Account. Your account is personal to you. You may not share you login formation or allow access to a third party. You are also responsible for any activity that occurs on your account and are responsible to let us know if there has been any breach of your login information. Please email us immediately at if you suspect any suspicious activity on your account.

You may be asked to electronically sign a contract before engaging with the Service. Clicking and agreeing to said contract is legally binding.

Content. Once you register for the Service, you may be able to create, post, or share content, such as pictures of your space, floor plans and household objects. Mauve Interiors claims no ownership or control over your content and it is your sole responsibility to protect your copyright, patent and/or trademark rights to your content.

By sharing the content mentioned above, in accordance with Mauve Interiors’ privacy policy, you grant Mauve Interiors the right to use, modify, remove, publish, transmit or display your content in order to facilitate aspects of our Service and to advertise and promote it. Rights to use your content is non-exclusive, sub-licensable and royalty-free.

Fees. Fees for the Service are set per package. The fee is due in advance, upon booking the service. If you have any questions about the Service packages please email us before submitting payment at

Mauve Interiors currently uses third parties to process payments. Payment is accepted through various credit cards as show own the package payment screen. All transactions on Service packages are in Canadian Dollars.

Users are responsible for determining and paying the appropriate government taxes, fees and service changes from their region/country based on the Service fee.

If you are dissatisfied with the Service you may obtain a full refund at Mauve Interiors’ discretion. Email us at to request a refund.

The user may decide to purchase items from third parties (such as furniture and décor items) after receiving their final design package. Mauve Interiors will collect the price of such items and include them in the final package if applicable. Third party terms and conditions apply to theses purchases, including return policies and shipping costs. Mauve Interiors may place such orders on behalf of the client at an additional fee.

Additional Services. Shopping and Installation. The user may request assistance with shopping for furniture and installation of such furniture for a fee. This fee will be determined by Mauve Interiors based on the scope of the request. To facilitate furniture installation Mauve Interiors may provide third party contractors with personal information to identify location and costs.

Feedback and comments. We appreciate hearing from you and welcome comments on the blog and our social media profiles but please be advised that if you send us creative ideas, suggestions, inventions, or materials we are not liable for any use or disclosure of these ideas. We will also not be held responsible of any third party acquiring said ideas if they are posted on a public page. We are also entitled unrestricted use of these ideas without compensation to you for any reason.

Violating these terms. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account if you do not respect the terms listed above and in the privacy policy. We may also refuse to provide the Service to you at our sole discretion. You are responsible for any fees, fines or penalties incurred by breaching this agreements.

Copyright. You agree not to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, transmit, stream, broadcast or sell any part of the Service without prior written authorization. This includes using Mauve Interiors’ name, logo, photographs and trademarks.

You may share social media posts and blog posts on your own channels but we reserve the right to have the content taken down if we determine it is detrimental to our brand.