Even though it’s still technically summer in Canada and the US fall décor already spreading like wild fire in the stores and on Pinterest! Along with Christmas it’s one of my favorite decorating times of the year so you can probably imagine my surprise and horror as I walked into one of Costa Rica’s department stores on Sunday to find Christmas décor everywhere!! Thanksgiving and Halloween don’t really get celebrated here so after the 15th of September, which is their independence day, all the Christmas items come out in the stores. I guess I won’t be decorating my home for the fall this year… :O

Regardless of my lack of fall décor this year you will not be left dry! I’ve gathered some of the best Pinterest ideas for you all in one convenient board. You can check out those pins HERE… and check back often as I’ll be pinning to the board every day or two until Thanksgiving (the Canadian one if you were wondering).

Plus, I’ve posted bellow 4 of my favorites that I came across the other day. I like them because they are classy and not oversaturated if that makes any sense! While I like fall and Christmas décor there is such a thing as too much! Just a hint of fall spirit is all you need, not a pumpkin zoo in your home.

Plus this one from HomeGoods. Isn’t this such a fun idea?!

What of you think of using non-traditional colors for your fall décor? Do you stick to reds, oranges, yellows and browns or do you venture into blues, purples and pinks?

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