A little tired of how your house looks at moment? You might be, especially if like me you’ve been browsing on pinterest lately, and have been comparing your house to all of those picture perfect pins oozing with trendy items. I wish I owned a little piece of all those homes ;). Well, you can, cause I’ve got you covered with 6 unconventional ways to spruce up your home!

1) Paint

Not just the walls! Paint your furniture or even your floor ;). It’s no secret that paint can turn a room or piece of furniture from drab to fab! But have you looked at all of the possibilities that are out there! From tintes to vanishes to different types of paint. Don’t just stick to conventional and paint your walls – go for the trims, the ceiling, floor, and furniture. Choose neutral colours or go bold with the latest trends (dark green, black, or mushroom).

2) Change over your accessories

I’m not just talking about your cushion on the couch here. Although if you haven’t changed them in a while and they are getting flat and sad looking, then go ahead with that too. I’m talking about feature pieces! Go and buy that cool but strange looking conversation piece you saw in the store the other day. Add some 3D objects on your wall like crates, flower pots, and pieces of wood.

Unconventional ways to give your room a makeover

Place a small mirror in a picture frame next to your favourite décor accessory, or on the on the table underneath your display.”

3) Define your living areas

Leave your work things in your office, kitchen articles (plates, bowls) in the kitchen, and clutter out of your bedroom and living room. It makes everything look and feel more sleek and relaxing and is really a breath of fresh air. Which brings me to…

4) Stage your coffee table

Arrange a few articles on there such as books, candles, flowers, etc. Even better – put them in a decorative tray, such as one of those round silver ones that are so popular these days, so that you can easily move it without disturbing your lovely display. And don’t just stop at the coffee table. Stage your dresser, kitchen counter and entrance! Showcase the décor items you already have and your favourite pieces of furniture. Got with your gut on what looks good to make it more personal.

5) Update your layout

Have fun re-arranging your furniture! Take everything out of the room and put it back in a different spot or simply move your side table from one side of the couch to the other. Experiment with angle for a fun dynamic feel. If re-arranging stresses you out or you’re not quite sure what the best furniture placement would be, take a look at our e-design layout package here!


6) Play with light and mirrors

Most people don’t have enough light in their room. Play with this by adding a lamp on the coffee table,  string of lights in a vase, a sconce on the wall, or even a strip of LED light underneath your kitchen cupboards. Another way to add more light and make a room look bigger is to use mirrors. Place one next to a light source (just be careful where the light is being reflected), hang a decorative mirror, place a small mirror in a picture frame next to your favourite décor accessory, or on the on the table underneath your display.

I’d love to know what your favourite way to give your place quick pick-me-up or cosmetic makeover is! Add yours in the comment box bellow :).

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