It’s no secret that all of you probably have a pinterest board for decor and design with tons of inspiration and someday ideas for your home! There is also a good chance that you haven’t implemented any of these ideas because you don’t know where to start :(, but what if I told you it’s easier then it looks?! With a bit a planning and a design plan, everything is possible!

Having a plan turns any daunting tasks into easy steps and in the end you realize how much work you’ve actually done! I usually break down my design plans in 10 easy steps which makes turning that gorgeous pinterest pin into a breeze.

Design Plan Step #1: Pick your room

  1. Are you going to start with your kitchen? Washroom? Bedroom? Pick anything to start with!

Design Plan Step #2: Look for inspiration pics

  1. Pinterest is your gold mine for inspiration pics and you probably already have some in a board waiting for you :). Magazines and Instagram are also a good inspiration for pictures. Write down what you like in each picture (style, colour, furniture piece, layout etc.) and what you don’t like. It doesn’t have to be complicated! Here’s a quick one that I put together in word for a kitchen design:
Mood board list

Design Plan Step #3: Select your must have items

  1. Compare what is in the picture with what you have already. What is similar and what is different. Are you willing to re-finish some of the furniture you already have to match what is in your inspiration image? Or will you buy new things?

Design Plan Step #4: Make a to-do list

  1. Write down everything on your wish list to buy (even if you know you can’t get all of those items right away). That way you’ll have it on hand the next time a sales rolls around ;).
  2. Write down what you’ll need if you will be modifying anything: Paint? Fabric? Hardware? If you aren’t too sure there are tons of DIY tutorials on Pinterest that you can find and use.

Design Plan Step #5: Make a floor plan  

  1. Measure and draw everything. Start by drawing the outline of the room on one piece of paper, then on another paper draw and cut out rectangles, squares, and circles in the size of your furniture so you can place it on your room outline and move it around to try different layout options.
  2. Keep on hand your floor plan and ideal furniture measurements for when you go to the store or shop online to make sure your furniture will fit!

*Chances are your room has a different shape and dimensions then the inspiration pictures you found, so you might have to modify the furniture arrangements to make it work.

Design Plan Step #6: Put together your shopping list

  1. Write down what you want to buy, from which store or website it is, and the price of each item. Don’t forget to shop around, as you might be able to find the same item at another store for a lesser price. Again, no need for anything complicated. I usually write mine out this way:
    • 1 gallon paint – Benjamin More White Dove OC-17 – Home Depot – $50
    • Wall Clock– Amazon – $63.99
    • 3 Industrial Light Pendant– Amazon – $48.99 ea.
    • Breakfast Bar Chairs – TBD – $50-$75 ea.

Design Plan Step #7: Rearrange current furniture

  1. Start rearranging some of your current furniture so that you’ll get used to the new layout, and to make sure you like how it looks. You will have to get used to it so be open to the change!
  2. If you are getting rid of furniture start seeing where you will donate it or if you’ll be throwing it away.

Design Plan Step #8: Order your missing pieces

  1. Order online or head out to the store! Get your most pressing items first like big furniture pieces and artwork, followed by the smaller décor pieces.

Design Plan Step #9: Assemble

Set a day aside to put everything together! This is the exciting part and you’ll want to enjoy unwrapping all the goodies you bought!

  1. Follow your floor plan and inspiration pictures to assemble your décor

Design Plan Step #10: Take pictures and enjoy 

Not only that, invite your friends over and celebrate your work!


What do you find the hardest or the most complicated when you decorate your home? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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