Let’s give your bathroom a little makeover this week! I promise you it will be fun and easy… not like cleaning out your closet ;). I always though all bathrooms should be designed like a spa. Unfortunately, unless you have thousands of dollars to spend I’m sure SPA is not the first thing you think of when you step into you bathroom.

No worries though, regardless of what state your bathroom is in right now there are small things you can do, 3 to be more specific, that will drastically improve the look of your bathroom without spending more than a few dollars! I call them declutter, arrange and update, and decorate.

Bathroom Update Tip #1: Declutter

Start by removing anything that does not need to be on your bathroom counter like shampoo bottles, face wash, makeup, etc. and leave only the bare essentials for now (bottle of hand soap and toothbrushes). Store everything that doesn’t have to be on the counter under the sink, in drawers, or on shelves and keep organized with baskets or drawer separator. If you are short on space remove anything that doesn’t have to be in your bathroom, like extra toilet paper rolls, extra towels, kids toys, etc. and store them in your laundry room or linen cupboard.

Here are before and after pictures of the latest bathroom décor I did so you can see the difference:

TIP: I am never a fan of toothbrushes sitting on the counter, especially in small bathrooms. In this bathroom I decided to leave them on the counter for lack of other place and for convenience.



Bathroom Update Tip #2: Arrange and Update

Simply making sure your towels are properly folded or draped over your towel rods, that the roll of toilet paper is on the toilet paper holder, and that your shower curtain sits straight is of upmost importance in making your bathroom presentable and more pleasant. Without these basic things no amount of décor will fix your bathroom or make it look like a spa! Color coordinate towels if you can but most importantly avoid towels that look like beach towels (patterned), look worn out, are discolored, or are fraying at the edges.

Next, you might need to do some little updates with some metallic spray paint! Here’s what I usually look for:

  • Drawer pulls that look old or don’t match the rest of the bathroom
  • Mirror frame that looks cheap, old, or doesn’t match
  • Plastic soap bottles or toothbrush holder

In this bathroom there was a plastic soap bottle like the one bellow. A quick spray of metallic silver spray paint transformed the bottle! I didn’t even bother taking off the sticker that was on the front and back, I just spray painted on top of it. Depending on your washroom you can use metallic silver, metallic gold, or metallic gun metal for any of the items above. Make sure to remove drawer pulls before spraying them in a well ventilated area. To spray paint a mirror frame you’ll need to do a bit more prep work to not get any spray paint on surrounding objects, walls, countertop, and the mirror surface!

Bathroom Update Tip #3: Decorate

If you had a bunch of makeup, product bottles, and other miscellaneous items on your counter or shelves you’ll find it looks almost bare and empty now that it’s cleared out! That’s good because you’ll now stage it and add some décor. If your counter space permits I like to use a tray to keep everything organized. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In this bathroom there was already a black plastic tray which works just fine! Inside I placed the newly painted soap bottle, the toothbrush holder, and had just enough space for a flower vase arrangement. You can use just about anything as a decorative piece, as long as it can sustain high levels of humidity! Here are a couple of ideas:

  • A geometrical metal object
  • Vase filled with rocks or seashells
  • A Small sculpture
  • Pot pourrie
  • A succulent (real or plastic)

If you’ve got a pedestal sink you won’t be able to add anything on your “countertop” but you can follow the same guidelines and object suggestions to decorate any open shelving in your washroom. Plus, if your walls aren’t covered in tile adding a framed picture will help brighten up the space. You’ll find some great suggestions and easy printable artwork here: The Quick, Easy, and Perfect Décor for Your Kitchen and Washroom.

And it really is that easy! I already had everything on had so it didn’t cost me anything extra but even if you had to buy spray paint, a bit of décor, and a tray this would only cost you $20-$30!! Next week I’ll give you the step by step on putting together this white rose arrangement!

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