To DIY or not to DIY is the question! With DIY projects everywhere (hello Pinterest) it’s kind of hard not to want to try your hand at one. But is is really worth it? What if yours doesn’t end up looking as good as the picture on Pinterest? Here are 3 tips to help you decide if you should tackle a DIY project.

I consider myself a bit of a DIY snob. At craft sales I would never buy anything because why buy if I could make it myself for cheaper? I made my own jewelry, sewed curtains and pillows, refurbished old furniture pieces, made paper, greeting cards, and at some point I even sewed my own clothes! It was all fun and dandy until I grew up and ran out of time to do everything! Plus, sometimes it’s just as easy and cheaper to buy some things at the store or from another artisan. There is a fine balance between the two :).

So when it comes to decide if you should attempt your hand at a DIY or search the store/web to buy that perfect item for your home here are a few things that you should keep in mind and that will help you out.

  • Distressed window frame

” A good DIY item/project is something that you made yourself and you can fool your friends into thinking you bought it at the store.”

DIY Project Tip #1: HOBBY?

Normally the first factor when deciding to tackle a DIY project or not is: do you enjoy making things with your hands? And not… will my friends and family be impressed with my DIY stained pallet coffee table? Plus, you don’t want it to look cheap and ‘handmade’. A good DIY item/project is something that you made yourself and you can fool your friends into thinking you bought it at the store. So skip on the DIY if yours will look like a craft project from elementary. school.

DIY Project Tip #2: PRICE

There is DIY, there is custom made, and there is buying at the store. Believe it or not, when you factor in time and money, buying something at the store or asking someone to make the item for you (furniture making, professional sewer, metalsmith, etc) can be cheaper. So do your homework before jumping into a project and see if there is a local furniture maker in your area or if IKEA has the exact shelf you are dreaming about.

DIY Project Tip #3: TIME

See the above 2 points! If you won’t enjoy the project it just won’t be worth it and you might as well have headed to the store. Same goes for if you don’t have much time and your DIY project will sit there unfinished for months!

Now that you’ve asked yourself if you’ll enjoy tackling a DIY project, that it’s worth the price, and your time take a look at the two list below because there are some things that you should not DIY unless you are a professional in that field.

Knock your socks off with DIY projects in these categories:

  • Can’t find a décor accessory in the color you want, buy spray paint and paint it over
  • Putting together flower arrangements
  • Making your own artwork
  • Fresh coat of paint on your walls
  • Painting your furniture (see here which type of paint you should buy)
  • Wooden shelves (floating)
  • Installing a backsplash
  • Sewing your own throw pillows (if you sew)
  • IKEA hacks
  • Upcycling furniture

Definite NO’s for DIY projects

  • Installing flooring
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Installing custom drapes
  • Installing and making countertops

Let me know if you’ve tackled a DIY project lately or if you’ve seen a DIY project for something but decided to go buy that item at the store instead!

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