I was wondering…do you even work at you desk? Or is it so full of papers, books and crap that you end up working at the table, couch, or even worst…from your bed?? Don’t you think you’d be much more productive and relaxed if you had a desk that worked for you and helped you get your work done? That’s why I have you coved with 8 must-haves for your home office/desk to get you rolling and keep you rolling. Don’t skip on any of these or you’ll end up back on the couch in no time ;).

1 – Sufficient lighting

  • Desk lamp: The desk lamp should be bright enough to illuminate your work space and be easily movable/adjustable. Beware of the more decorative lamps that look cool but don’t generate sufficient light.
  • Light behind your monitor: Especially important if you are using your computer a lot. Having a light behind your monitor or on the outside edge of your monitor will help prevent eye fatigue. If your desk isn’t against the wall, the light can even be further in the room so that you can gaze up and change your focus from the computer screen for a few seconds.
  • General overhead lighting: You’d think it would be a given, but do look up and see if there is enough ceiling light above you desk to illuminate it and work.

2 – Comfortable seating

  • Comfy: You’re going to spend time at your desk I imagine ;). Make sure you have a comfortable office chair so that you can work for a few hours at a time without getting uncomfortable. There is nothing more unproductive then getting up every 30mins or cutting your day short because the chair is making your back hurt.
  • Height for shoulders: You should be able to sit at your desk and write or type on your computer without your shoulders ridding up or hunching. If it is the case, adjust your chair up or down accordingly.
  • Space to move and back up without hitting a wall: Ideally, when your chair is tucked into the desk, you should have 70cm-100cm of clearance behind you to be able to move and slide your chair back without hitting or damaging the wall. Make sure you also have enough room on the sides to not feel crammed.

3 – Book shelves

  • Books: Keep some of your favourite books on hand as well as any you might need for your work. Place those nicely so that you can see the title and they don’t look messy. Ideally keep 1/3 of the bookshelf free of books so it doesn’t look overstuff and can be dressed up.
  • Décor, décor, décor: You can never have enough décor I say ;). Add some decorative book holders, collectable items, or a flower/plant in your bookshelf. Make it yours so that it reflects your personality!

4 – Storage

  • Drawers: Most desks have drawers where you can store paper, documents, office supplies, etc. If your desk doesn’t, you’ll want to invest in a drawer tower or filling cabinet to put beside your desk. Don’t get those stacked paper holders that go on top of your desk because you’re taking away some valuable working space!

5 – Sufficient work space

  • Clutter: avoid clutter like the plague! All it’s good at is playing with your mind, making you overwhelmed, and making you think there is more work then there actually is. Not to mention the space it’s taking up on your desk. Assign a space for each item (papers, notepads, pencils, books, etc.) that is not on the top of your desk or on a pile beside it, and store these items in their place at the end of each day.
  • Desk should be long enough: What function will your desk have? If you’re only using it for your computer and a notebook than you’ll need much less space than if you also need space for a book, to draw, to write, etc. Think of all the things you use while you work and how much space you need to be able to work comfortably with these things on your desk.

6 – Working materials within reach

  • Office supplies: Everything you will need should be within reach, as to not have to get up and go across the room, or to the other side of your house to get it (cause we all know how many distractions you’ll find on the way). Keep what you use most often closest to you (top drawer of the desk for example). Think pens/pencils, paper pad/notebook, printer, etc.

7 –  Décor

  • Artwork & Plants: Make the place yours and make it feel good. See my blog post on making décor work to your advantage and help you succeed at you business. You’ll be much more inclined to work if you have some artwork or décor that inspires you and if the place is inviting. Look for artwork that speaks to you to put on one of the walls, add a framed picture or quote on your desk, and add a plant or flowers on or near your desk.

8 – Airflow

  • Hot, cold or just right: Not an obvious one, but you want to make sure you have good airflow where your desk is with some fresh air. This can be a problem if you’ve tucked your desk in a corner of a room or in a closet. Ideal you can place your desk near a window but at the very least you should have control of the temperature so that it’s not too cold or too hot.

If you’re having trouble finding a layout that works for your desk, bookshelf, etc. take a look at Pinterest boards for inspiration, let us help you with the layout by taking a look at our online layout package here, or write a comment on this blog!


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