Pantone Color Of The Year 2018

Drrruuummm roll please! Pantone's color of the year for 2018 is here and I'm excited about because it's.... Ultra-Violet! If you haven't been able to guess yet my favorite color is purple. Plus, ultra-violet is so fun an vibrant, that it would be hard not to get exciting! What's the deal with Pantone's color of [...]

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Hosting: Holiday Edition

Now that the holiday season if officially upon us you can say hi to gatherings, parties, and surprise visits from family and friends! While this is a fun time of year no doubt it can also be stressful and overwhelming with all the preparing, cleaning and hosting. There are a couple of ways you can [...]

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‘Tis The Season: Coordinating Christmas Decor

Christmas is less than a month away!! Have you decorated your home or apartment yet? Now that the American thanksgiving has passed (in Canada we celebrate thanksgiving in October) if feels like the right time to put up Christmas decorations. I’ve bought my plane ticket to go visit my family over the holidays and am mentally preparing myself for the cold and the snow. It should be fun! I’m also hoping they wait for me before putting the decorations up ;). […]

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Mauve, A Home Staging Guide

What does your dream home look like? Are you living in it right now? What if I told you that no matter the size of your home or how plain it is you can turn it into your dream home!? It can all happen by staging, which I cover for you in my upcoming E-book, [...]

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The Best Dollar Store Decor Finds

Do you know what my favorite places to look for décor items are? The dollar store, Walmart and Aliss… but shhhh don’t let anyone know :P It’s a myth that decorators and interior designers will only buy expensive things and rob you of your paycheque. While this is true for some (the stereotype does exist [...]

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Thoughts From A Creative Person

Creative is one of those words that have many meanings! Do you consider yourself creative? What is your definition of creative? If I told you it’s more a state of mind than anything else and that you can become increasingly more creative would you believe me? Today having to ability to be creative or one of it’s synonyms (inventive, imaginative, innovative, experimental, original) is sought after and is what differentiates you from so many other candidates in the work force. It’s not enough to just have a degree. Let me show you some ways you can increase your creativity! […]

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What You Need To Know About Choosing Quality Chairs And Leather Furniture

How do you know if a piece of furniture is high quality? The price? The build? The fabric? It can be fairly easy to spot a cheaply made chair or couch but when it comes to knowing if it’s really high quality it can be a bit more ambiguous.  […]

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Decorating Made Easy With Real & Artificial Plants

Did you know that plants and flowers are one of the best go-to item for decorating and staging a home? That’s because they bring personality, a relaxing and light touch to the room, and have air purifying properties. They are also incredibly easy to incorporate into any décor. […]

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Kitchen Reno Tips & Tricks – Flooring

Are you thinking of tackling a kitchen renovation? Chances are, sooner or later, you’ll want to update or change your kitchen! You’ll find tons of beautiful Pinterest inspirations, budget it out, and dream of a kitchen that makes you actually want to cook (and hopefully stays clean :P)! […]

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Create Killer Rooms With Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been back in style for a while now and there are more choices than ever! You can literally find something in every color and every style, so don’t be scared of adding a little glamour with wallpaper here and there! To get you started here are three places where you can’t go wrong with wallpaper. […]

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