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The Quick and Easy Way to Decorate Your Bookcase and Coffee Table

It's said that some of us run away from change while the rest of us embrace it. I think it's more accurate to say that most of us are in the middle. We embrace some kinds of change while we run from other kinds of change. I'd like to propose a little change in you [...]

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Blogger’s makeover: Contemporary washroom

A couple months ago a did my first washroom renovation here in Costa Rica! I have to say, I did learn a thing or two about working down here :). Thankfully the washroom turned out really nice and those at the office, where the washroom was renovated, were really happy with the end product. […]

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Blogger’s Makeover: Fun at play

Do you ever wish you could become a kid again? Even for a day? I certainly do! To play all day long and not have to worry about making diner or laundry would be bliss! […]

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Your Ultimate E-Design guide: What is it anyways?

E-Design has been growing in the last couple of years. And it’s exciting because it’s the perfect pairing with pinterest! Let me explain my excitement :). […]

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