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DIY White Rose Flower Arrangement

This week I want to show you a way to arrange flowers that looks sophisticated, classy, romantic and is super easy to put together! You can be infinitely creative when it comes to flower arrangements and this arrangement definitely stands out. Last week I gave you tips on how to update and decorate your washroom [...]

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3 Things That Will Drastically Improve Your Bathroom

Let’s give your bathroom a little makeover this week! I promise you it will be fun and easy… not like cleaning out your closet ;). I always though all bathrooms should be designed like a spa. Unfortunately, unless you have thousands of dollars to spend I’m sure SPA is not the first thing you think of when you step into you bathroom. […]

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3 Tips to help you decide if you should tackle a DIY project

To DIY or not to DIY is the question! With DIY projects everywhere (hello Pinterest) it’s kind of hard not to want to try your hand at one. But is is really worth it? What if yours doesn’t end up looking as good as the picture on Pinterest? Here are 3 tips to help you decide if you should tackle a DIY project. […]

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Why Aren’t You Making a Design Plan? And How to Use Pinterest as Inspiration

It’s no secret that all of you probably have a pinterest board for decor and design with tons of inspiration and someday ideas for your home! There is also a good chance that you haven’t implemented any of these ideas because you don’t know where to start :(, but what if I told you it’s easier then it looks?! With a bit a planning and a design plan, everything is possible! […]

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