Christmas is less than a month away!! Have you decorated your home or apartment yet? Now that the American thanksgiving has passed (in Canada we celebrate thanksgiving in October) if feels like the right time to put up Christmas decorations.

I’ve bought my plane ticket to go visit my family over the holidays and am mentally preparing myself for the cold and the snow. It should be fun! I’m also hoping they wait for me before putting the decorations up ;).

Speaking of Christmas décor, this wouldn’t be a very good décor blog if I didn’t give you any tips and ideas for the holidays. Plus, I think Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get a little creative each year and see how you can change things up with the décor you already have (hint hint, for those of you who read my creativity blog post)!

I had a Interior Décor teacher who would go crazy at Christmas! She decks her house like it’s Santa’s village with lights, trees, an inflatable santa, pillows, etc. All the tacky Christmas décor you can think of, she has! I’m telling you this because as you can probably guess I’m the oposite. I like having my décor look put together, coordinated and classy. It can be fun but not tacky!

How do I do that? Play with color and style! Plus if you are stuck for ideas check the Mauve’s Christmas Décor Pinterest board that I’ve been putting together just for you! I promise you it has the best non-tacky decorations for this season (take me there now)!

Christmas Décor: Color Palette

Having a coordinating color palette within your holiday décor helps keep things classy and from going overboard. The fun thing is that decorations and trees come in all colors now so you don’t have to stick to only red and green. Here are some color combinations to consider:

  • Traditional Red & Green
  • Beiges/Neutrals
  • Gold/Silver
  • Black & White
  • Blues & Oranges (pairs nicely with white)

Use these colors in matte, glossy or even sparkly materials. Or if you see a decoration you like but it isn’t the right color see if you can spray paint it.

Christmas Décor: Style

Picking a style for your décor not only makes your whole home come together it also makes it easier to choose what to buy! Some of the most popular styles for Christmas décor are:

  • Rustic (lots of distressed wood elements)
  • Modern (Sleek ornaments, glass)
  • Transitional (a mix of both)

Lanterns are a good example of décor that work with both modern and rustic. Pick a black metal lantern for a more modern feel and a brown distressed metal lantern for a more rustic style.

Christmas Décor: Minimalist?

The other thing to consider is balancing how much you will decorate. It’s better to be consistent than to have a living room that is bursting with decorations and a dinning room that has nothing but a center piece. Evenly spread out your decorations throughout the main areas of your home. I usually like thinking of it as the minimalist approach or the full out approach. In either case, you don’t have to put up every single Christmas decoration you own! It’s ok to keep some things in it’s box.

For the minimalist approach:

  • Add center piece on the dining room table
  • Place 2-3 elements in the entrance such as lanterns, greenery, and/or lights
  • Decorate with a Christmas tree, a coffee table center piece, and mantle décor in the living room

For the full out approach:

  • Everything above plus:
  • Switch out your regular pillows for Christmas themed pillows and throws
  • Put up some Christmas wall décor in the entrance and main rooms
  • Add décor elements in the kitchen, washroom, and bedroom

Whichever approach you pick try to go for a cozy, comfortable, and homey feeling with lights and soft textured materials!

Make sure to share pictures of your Christmas décor on Facebook and tag @mauveinteriors for a chance to win a free copy of my upcoming e-book (take a sneak peek at the book here)!

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