If you’ve been reading my latest blog posts you probably picked up on the fact that I like talking about inspiring decor – that decor should inspire you! It does many other things as well, but isn’t it fun to think that decor can inspire you to create, be a better person, to grow and to do the next big thing? Especially when it comes to artwork.

When I go about decorating or planning my next design (for myself or clients) I take my time in finding artwork that will look good will inspire. This is because artwork is extremely versatile (you can literally find something of every taste bud) and it can tell a story.

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“There is a reason there are art gallery and museums full of artwork and that people pay to go see it! Think the Louvre for example. It’s a single building packed jam full of history, stories and inspiration…incredible!”

There is a reason there are art gallery and museums full of artwork and that people pay to go see it! Think the Louvre for example. It’s a single building packed jam full of history, stories and inspiration…incredible!

When I talk about artwork here I mean the kind that you hand on a wall (as opposed to sculpture) but it can take on many forms. 3D artwork made out of metal or wood is pretty popular these days then you have canvas artwork, framed artwork, oversized clocks and much more.

Where is the best place to get artwork though? I wouldn’t say there is 1 place in particular that is the best, because everyone has different tastes in art, but I do have my favourite places that offer a variety of styles and don’t break the bank which I’ll share with you.

Before I do that though, there is the question of how much you should pay for artwork cause it can get expensive! Here’s a bit of an idea of what you can expect to pay for artwork based on it’s size (small to large) and what is considered a low price point, mid price point and high price point. Or course this depends on factors like originality of the artwork, location, artist, etc. but it will give you a bit and idea for budgeting your next purchase.

Small-Medium Artwork Large Artwork
LOW Under $150 Under $350
MID $150-$375 $350-$500
HIGH $375+ $500+

Here are a few places to look at next time you are in need of some inspirational artwork ;).

Local Art

  • There is always a local artist around that is selling their work. Plus you get to support local. If you don’t know anyone, go check out your nearest art gallery or expo where you can get the name of some local artists. You might even be able to ask them for a custom piece if you already have something in mind but can’t find it at the store.


  • Like having a local artist but on the web. You can browse thousands of handmade products at various price points.


  • One of the biggest online collection I know, with multiple framing options. There is a whole range of prices and a sales section. You’re almost guaranteed to find something you like on this website!


  • Under Decor & Pillows – Wall Art. They usually have sale or coupon code going on so it’s a good place to get large artwork at a discounted price.


  • A mix of what you’ll find on Etsy and Wayfair. Prices are competitive and if you have Amazon Prime you can get your artwork in record time!

Urban Barn, Crate&Barrel, Home Goods, etc.

  • Not as many choices as the above online options, but they do have their section of artwork and you can usually find some pretty good options :). The advantage of finding something at the store as opposed to online is that you can see the real colours (sometimes your computer screen doesn’t give you the exact shades) and you can bring it home with you right away!


What kind of artwork do you like to display in your home? Poster, canvas, framed? Do you have a favourite subject matter or style? Let me know in the comments below!


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