Are you one to look at Pinterest and wish you could decorate your house to look amazing and reflect your style? Is there a trick to make it easier? Imagine a collection of items that are completely your style, go with just about anything in your home, and can be switched around to look like you are updating your décor every season without actually buying anything… sounds amazing, right? I’ve been putting together a formula for Home Décor Capsules that I think will help you do just that. Creating a styled Home Décor Capsule is fairly similar to creating a classic one which I wrote about last week, but with a few adjustments! To see what a Home Décor Capsule is and how to create a classic one click HERE and HERE respectively. Now let’s get started 🙂


The idea of the capsule wardrobe and décor capsule is to reduce the amount of items you have in your home and use at one time for décor. It’s also to help you sort through what you have and create a more cohesive style in your wardrobe and décor. Anything else should be given/thrown away or stored to use when you switch capsules. It won’t take long for you to realize which of your current décor items you like and which you really don’t like using!

With this “stylized” décor capsule you’ll choose items that reflect your style and that you can easily upkeep so that it will keep reflecting your style for years! I’ll show you which items you should keep “neutral” so that if you style does change you won’t have to replace all of your décor and which ones you can go crazy with without your house looking “tacky”.

Start by picking 3 colors. One more neutral as a base like a black, white, beige, grey or even a very dark or very light blue, green, purple or red. Next pick 1-2 accent colors! These accent colors and be brighter colors or you can stay within the neutral palette of blacks, white, beiges, and greys. If you are having trouble picking a color look at what you already have in your home for some inspiration or take a look at my blog post 1 Simple Hack To Add Color To Your Home Like A Pro!

Next take a look at the categories below pick how many items you want to include in your capsule. For your first capsule try to pick a max of 70 items and store away any additional items you might have. A 70 piece décor capsule might look like this:

Linens/soft goods 20

Frames 8

Accent pieces 15

Lamps 4

Tableware sets 6

Books 6

Vases 5

Trays 3

Candles 3


The key is to think like a collector. Gather all of the items you have that fit in the categories below and look at what might go well together. Start by making small collection of items that can go on the coffee table, dresser, as a centerpiece on the dining table, etc. Don’t worry too much about making it perfect because you’ll switch everything around when you switch capsules in a few months.


These items are the most important in your décor capsule. They are a combination of neutral items that you keep using over and over again and of accessories that specifically represent your style and can be switched out or rotated from time to time. I’ve listed these in order of importance. The idea is that you should have everything in the staple pieces list, which will make your home feel welcoming and complete. If you just bought a house or apartment and are slowly building towards decorating your home, start with the first items on this list then go down.

CAUTION: Don’t jump to the accessories section before getting all of your staples. If you do you’ll always be missing something in your home and will be prone to shopping sprees where you’ll buy more useless things and keep filling your house with useless junk…


I put these items first because they are essentials that everyone already has in their home. It also has multiple sub categories. Most people don’t think of them as décor but they can break the cohesiveness of your home if you don’t choose them properly. They are also a good way to start showing your style!


Bed sheets – should be solid colored (cream/white work best for adults) with a high thread count.  

Amount: 1 set per bed, plus 1-2 extra sets


Pillow covers – Pillow covers are much easier to store and cheaper to buy than full pillows. I recommend 4-5 throw pillows per sofa and 2-3 decorative pillows for your bed on top of the pillows you sleep with. Choose a couple of pillows in your neutral color and a couple others in your accent color(s) and don’t be afraid to play with patterns!

Amount: 4-5 throw pillows per sofa and 2-3 decorative pillows for you bed & guest beds


Towels – No matter your style I’ll always recommend towels that are solid in color or have a simple border on one edge. If you go with towels that are too colorful or have a pattern on them they will look too much like beach towels!

Amount: 1 bath towel per person plus 2 extra and 2 hand towels per washroom.


Artwork and photos are an easy way to decorate any room and to showcase your style and personality. Artwork comes in a variety of price ranges and a broad range a style. You can also easily get some basic frames in black, silver, gold, or wood in different sizes and print some free printables off of the internet for some unique artwork. They can be displayed on tables, shelves, walls, credenzas, etc.

Amount: 8 to 10 frames in various sizes


Accents are where the fun happens and everything comes together! These can literally be anything and most of the time you already have these in your home. They can be little sculptures, decorative bookends, items from your travels, small plants, etc. Decide what your style is or what you like (farmhouse, modern, beachy or do you love music, photography, traveling) and look for items that represent that style. Some can be literal like a vase filled with shells if you like the beach but think outside the box as well! What is it you like about the beach? If it’s the heat of the sun and sand look for bolder red and yellow items. If it’s the soft breeze with the salty ocean smell pick items that are softer, blue or green in color, and give you a relaxing feeling.

Amount: 10-20


Lamps are both useful and decorative so they play a double role here! Look for a lamp base with an interesting shape or a material that you like. As much as possible try to match the shape or material to something else you have in the room like wood, metal or glass.

Amount: 1 table lamp per bedside table in bedrooms and 1 table lamp per side table in living room OR 1 floor lamp per living room.


There are a variety of ways you can decorate your dining room and place setting but it starts with a good set of tableware. White goes well with anything and will allow you to decorate for any occasion without clashing with the color of your plates and bowls. Subtle neutral colors like beiges also work well for any occasions! Save the colors and style for the center pieces and napkins!

Amount: Plates, bowls, glasses to host 4-6


Pick a couple or all of these! The idea is that you already have some of these accent decor items at home so shop your home and see what might come in handy for your first decor capsule!


Books will never go out of style! Here you can go with a variety of coffee table books for the coffee table/side tables in your living room and hardcover books for bookshelves, dresser, tv unit and other furniture pieces in your home. Plain covers are best for you bookshelves, dresser, tv unit etc. and a book with pictures that represents you and the style you picked is the ideal for the coffee table. It also makes for a great conversation starter!

Amount: 6-12 on top of what you might have if you have a bookcase


Glass vases are a great addition to a capsule décor because they offer so much variety. A few neutral colored vases (white, beige, black or patterned) can also be added to your décor to add some texture and interest. Just make sure that the majority are glass because they offer the most variety! They can be dressed up to work with any style and for holidays simply by changing the fillings. It also makes it cost effective by allowing you to update your décor without changing your vases for new ones every few years.

Amount: Up to 3 per room (including washroom, bedrooms, entrances, living rooms, dining room, kitchen)


Bedroom decor decorative tray

Trays come in a variety of style and materials. I like to look at them like the mat in a framed picture or artwork. It frames and brings together whatever you end up putting on the tray. It is also a great way to keep things organized. A simple tray on your dresser or at the entrance of your home is perfect to help a couple of décor pieces and you can empty your purse or pockets in the tray at the end of the day without it looking messy.

Amount: Up to 1 per room (bedrooms, washrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen)


Candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The fake, battery powered ones, now look very real and give the same sense of warmth to any room. I like using real scented candles in the bathroom and dining room but for the rest I prefer the safeness of fake candles. Make sure to choose a style that matches the rest of your style and décor.

Amount: Up to 3 in dining room, 1 in living room, 1-3 in bedroom and/or washroom


Ready to put together your first capsule decor? What are you going to include in your first one? Let me know in the comments below what you think and how you feel about the whole idea!

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