It just naturally happens. I walk into a space and my wheels start turning. My creative impulses start coming alive. I instantly start designing and bring the space to order in my mind. I see the potential beauty and cohesiveness of the area. Immediately, I am ready to begin transforming the space into its full potential. I enjoy creating a new design and décor for any space I come across. I love forming not just beautiful but also functional environments.

Purpose & Functionality

The first aspect I hone in on is what is the main use of the space? Whether it is a room in a home or a work space, functionality is the main priority. Even if a space is decorated perfectly, it becomes obsolete if it doesn’t work for its purpose. Once the purpose is determined the space is defined. It has an identity and clear function. The purpose of the room sets the tone for the design and décor. Everything that is planned and placed in the area must work for the purpose. Having a clear intention for the space will bring everything together for a perfect balance in the space. With the purpose established the creativity and design of the area can begin to form.

The purpose of the space will be the driving force of the design and décor.  The function of the space will dictate the overall design.  All the contents of the space need to be arranged to ensure easy use and applicable function.  When a space is designed in an organized manner around a specific purpose, it will be a successful environment.  Any and every space should reach its full functional potential.

Once the purpose, function, and design of the space is set, the plan for the décor can begin.  The décor will also be in accordance with the purpose of the space.

Pink color decor and design

Start With Color

The color of the space is a great detail to begin with. Colors evoke emotions. Choose a color that sets the tone for the purpose of the area. The color choice will influence the mood and tone of the space. For example, if the space is intended for an area to relax and rest in, choose a calming color that promotes peace and tranquility. An emotional response is tied in with each color. The color choice is a very important decision in the design of an environment.

Draw Attention!

Next create a focal point for the space. The focal point will be the focus for the overall design of the environment. The focal point will anchor the area. It draws all attention and all design and décor will be arranged to enhance the focal point. It will be a reflection of the purpose of the space. When setting up the remainder of the area, arrange the contents to enhance the focal point. Arranging the space with a good flow will make it aesthetically pleasing and bring cohesiveness.


Finally, accessorize the area. The accessories will enhance the visual appeal and further set the mood of the space. Choose and place accessories to complement the purpose of the space and enhance the focal point. Accessories can also have a double purpose. They enhance the beauty of the space but can also be functional. Accessories can conspicuously serve as organizing and storage pieces as well.

Show Your Personality

The last aspect to remember with design and décor is to BE YOU!  Our spaces are a reflection of who we are.  Show your personality through your space.  Adding flairs of your personality in your environment will make your space familiar and comfortable for YOU!  By reflecting your personality in the area the space will come together beautifully.

Megan is……a LOVER!  She loves being optimistic, helping others, and so many different things.  She still gets excited over cuteness, pink, and glitter……yes, she is a seven year old trapped in an adult’s body.  She has three beautiful and very energetic children that she absolutely cherishes.  Megan LOVES organizing and planning EVERYTHING.  She also loves daydreaming about what she wants to be when she grows up (a girl’s gotta dream, right?).  Most importantly she “adores the big man upstairs…would be nothing without Him!”

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