This is going to go against everything most decorators and designers say but… You don’t NEED a perfectly decorated home.

What you do need is a peace and quiet, a place that makes you feel good, and that lets you escape after a long day at work. A place that makes you feel comfortable where you can relax. You NEED a home. Preferably something a bit more than just a roof over your head but the definition of what that home looks like is entirely up to you and those you live with.

“I believe all areas of your home should be tidy and decorated but you don’t need to go spend a fortune or stress that everything should be perfect.”

Find Your Favorite Spots

All of us have our favorite spot in our home. We all have that one room that we feel more comfortable in, that it be the kitchen, living room, bedroom, craft room, etc. That should be the room/area of your home where you focus your decorating skills and budget on. The rest, while it is really nice to have designer furniture, on trend décor, and new kitchen cabinets, is really just extra.

For me, having a comfy bedroom (that’s my refuge plus I really love and need my sleep) is a must! That’s where I’ll spend my down time and where I’ll escape for a few minutes in the afternoon to read or pray.

Next comes the kitchen. I love to cook so it’s important that my kitchen be well designed so that it’s funcional, can be easily kept clean, has storage space for all my everything, and plenty of counter and prep space.

Beyond that, I could go without a dining room. A simple breakfast bar is good enough for me. A living room/tv room is also secondary. A small space with 1-2 couches and a coffee table for entertaining is all I need! Don’t get me wrong, I am a decorator and I like nice things, but if I really look at my needs and not my wants, a big house with high end furniture and décor in every room is not a need.


Dress It Up!

All of this does not mean that the rest of your house is a mess or looks empty due to lack of furniture! I believe all areas of your home should be tidy and decorated with what you have on hand (picture frames, pillows, fresh flowers once in a while) but you don’t need to go spend a fortune or stress that everything should be perfect. It is your home after all and the only people that will see it will be the people you invite inside. Make it a place you are comfortable and  happy to be in.

Do this exercise just for fun…What are your needs when it comes to your home (what do you personally like, do you entertain a lot, etc.)? What is your favorite room to spend your time in? Where in your home do you spend the majority of your time? Take all of these answers and decide which areas of your home are worth giving a little more attention to (furniture and décor wise) to make them extra comfortable and functional.

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