Do you ever wish you could become a kid again? Even for a day? I certainly do! To play all day long and not have to worry about making diner or laundry would be bliss!

I got to relive my childhood days while at my parents house over the holidays. I decided to give my niece’s play area a makeover, so that she’d have a special place just for her at memère and pepère’s (grandma & grandpa) house!

Playroom decor

“She got this look of amazement on her face (like those reveals in Fixer Upper) and you could tell she wasn’t sure what part she wanted to explore first!”


My niece is a super cute three year old who loves to play while listening to music! As soon as she gets to memère and pepère’s house she’ll head over to where the toys are, which my siblings and I used to play with when we were young. Her absolute favourite is a marble maze tower that you put together like this one: Marble Race Run DIY Construction Kids Toy Game Building Block Tower 105pcs. She’ll spend hours releasing the marbles at the top of the tower and watching them go down to the bottom.

Before her play area makeover, half of her toys were in the living room and the other half in the basement. She’d go down to the basement, pick what she wanted to play with, and bring it back upstairs to the living room. The toys would then be brought back downstairs when she was done playing with them. Every time she would go down to pick a few toys she would see my old Fisher Price artist desk which was stored in the sewing room and would ask if she could play with that. My mom would let her know that she could take it out when she was a bit older. Well, I decided it would be time for her to use it!


As the desk would have taken too much space in the living room, that’s when I decided we could re-arrange my mom’s weaving office and set up my niece’s play area in a corner of that room. That way she could play while my mom worked. She’d be able to use the desk, have a nice play area downstairs with all of her toys, and could still bring some upstairs to play in the living room when needed.

My parents didn’t want to spend a lot of money but still wanted to have something nice, functional and inspiring for my niece to play and create. What I ended up doing was doing a fresh coat of paint on the walls (a neutral colour so that the colourful furniture and toys would pop and so that the room can be converted and used for other functions as well), bought a shelving unit from IKEA to store the toys away, and added some colourful mats on the floor. Apart from that I placed the artists desk in the play area and filled it with beads, colouring pencils, play-doh, and other goodies! I hung a kitten ballerina picture on the wall (which we already had in the house) and re-arranged the rest of the room so that the music station would be by the play area.


I was super excited to show her the new play area and was not disappointed! She got this look of amazement on her face (like those reveals in Fixer Upper) and you could tell she wasn’t sure what part she wanted to explore first.

The changes weren’t big but it completely changed the atmosphere and makes visits at memère and pepère’s house that much more fun! That little corner of the house is now obviously her favourite :).

Playroom design
Playroom design
Playroom design

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