Now that the holiday season if officially upon us you can say hi to gatherings, parties, and surprise visits from family and friends! While this is a fun time of year no doubt it can also be stressful and overwhelming with all the preparing, cleaning and hosting. There are a couple of ways you can get prepared in advance so you’re not scrambling last minute tidying and picking up baked good at the store (I won’t tell anyone they are store bought! Haha). I like to break this down into two different categories; tidying (cause we all love this soooo much) and little detail items. I’ve got this all for you in a handy printable hosting checklist!

Hosting: Holiday Edition – Tidying

The ideal here, because we all like to aim high, is to do a thorough declutter of your house when you decorate for Christmas! That way all you have to do over the next month of holidays parties and gatherings is dust a bit each week and make sure everything gets put back in its place at the end of each day. Easy, right? On a more practical level, a decorative basket, storage bins, and drawers that you know won’t be opened by guests come in handy for a last minute tidy up as your guests are walking up your driveway! Go around your home with a basket or a bin and gather everything that is out of place or cluttering. Place the storage bin in a closet or a room your guests won’t be walking in or cover the basket with a blanket or pillow. If you have extra drawer (in a TV unit or kitchen for example) you can always stuff a few things in there for a short term tidying solution.

Warning: Make sure you go back later and clean out what you stuffed in your basket/bin/drawers so you don’t cause a clutter problem on the back end!

Hosting: Holiday Edition – Details

It’s the little extra details that make all the difference! With just a few things prepared in advance you’ll feel ready to host and your guests will feel welcome.

  • Locate your fine china, wine glasses, serving plates, etc and put them at the front of your kitchen cupboards.
  • Stock up on a variety of teas and fresh coffee beans or grounds.
  • Make or buy some baked goods to offer your guests (shh, I won’t tell if you buy them from the store)
  • Change the sheets on your guest bed and put aside an extra set of clean sheets, pillow cases and towels.
  • Make sure you have extra hangers in your front hall closet for guests’ coats.
  • Heat a bit of vanilla and cinnamon (just until warm) to fill your house with a holiday fragrance.

That’s about it! I’ve purposefully kept this list short because I want you to do them! You’ll feel so much better knowing that those things are prepared and you don’t have to worry about scrambling to get things ready a couple of hours before your guests are due to arrive. What’s more, these are so small and simple that you can assign them to your husband or children! Hahaha. Seriously.

Download your tidying and details lists here:

Hosting Holiday Edition – Tidying

Hosting Holiday Edition – Details

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