Did you know that the layout, the decor of your room and the structure of it, can really affect where you are going professionally? Whether you’re in the corporate world trying to get that next promotion or you’re an entrepreneur working from home you can do a couple of things, like structure your home a certain way, so that it can work to your advantage! It can help you be more productive, help you to really relax in between workdays and give you an upper hand with your business.

Now, with that, I’ll start with 3 spaces that are really important in your home and what function they should have.

Space #1 – A space where you can feel comfortable and relaxed

  • Come back from work and decompress
  • Fully relax on the weekend

Space #2 – A place where you can feel inspired


  • Inspired to bring out your next product
  • How you are going to deal with a client
  • How you’ll bring your business further

Professionals in the corporate world:

  • Inspired to think of where you want to go in the work force
  • Plan on getting that next promotion

Space #3 – A space to entertain

Very important whether you entertain a lot and like having parties, friends and coworkers over, or that you are only having some family and some friends over!

A couple weeks ago a went over to a friend of a friend’s house for a birthday party, walked in, and had to hold myself to not say anything. Thankfully I didn’t! The place was completely bare! There was no artwork on the walls, barely enough seating for people to sit down and no space for you to put your drink or your food down! There was literally, in the living room, a couch and a small chair. On the other side of the room was a dining room table with 3-4 chairs and some built-ins with 1 book, and then there was a space besides the kitchen, leading into the living room, with nothing!  Completely, completely bare room! Now, you’d almost think it was someone who was just moving in, who had just started moving in, but they have been living there for a little while. Everyone has different tastes, and maybe some people don’t like artwork or are REALLY minimalistic. But it’s more a question of having a place where people can sit down, to feel comfortable, to feel invited in your home, and feel like you care about your environment and about them!

Those 3 must have spaces can be any room in your house or even outdoors! Your comfortable place can be in your bedroom or can be in your living room, especially if you like watching TV and relaxing there before heading to bed. Your inspirational space is normally where you have your desk and your computer, but could be somewhere else in the house. And your entertainment space could be more of your living room, another room specifically for entertaining, it could be that you have most people hanging out in the kitchen, or even outside if you’ve got a patio or bbq area. Theses spaces can, but you want to have 3 spaces that give you those feelings and are separate from each other. That feel comfortable, that feel inspirational or that it’s a space where people really feel welcome.

Now, getting more into how to structure those spaces and how to decorate you’ll want to follow these 3 points.

Space Structure #1 – Keep it clean!

We all have those spaces in our house where maybe we’re a bit more lazy. Maybe it’s the closet, maybe it’s our personal washroom where things are a bit more messy, but the thing is, the cleaner things are, and the more things are in their place, the more relaxing it is, the more inviting your home is, the more inspirational it is. We’ve all probably walked into spaces that are a complete disaster with everything laying around. Or you’ve most likely experienced the feeling when your place has been messy for a while and after a good clean it just feels so much better! So you’re going for that feeling, which will really help you relax more and make you feel more inspired. And again, for that entertaining space, it’s just awkward to walk into someone’s house when it’s dirty!

Now, your house is your personal space, but think of it like your personal appearance. The clothes you wear to go to work, the clothes you wear when you meet someone important, your house is like that! Especially if you’re having co-workers around or friends around, that environment really tells them who you are. Are you really serious about getting that next promotion or not? That kind of environment can really tell them that and about you.

Space Structure #2 – Good taste!

Obviously we all have our personal preferences and personal taste. You want to be able to include your style but have something that looks nice as well. Some of us probably still have some posters from high school that are autographed, which are nice, but those posters don’t necessarily belong in your living room where you’re having some work friends over. Your style reflects who you are, and if you are trying to move up in the corporate world or if you have your own business, yes, have fun, but also think about the image you are portraying. Your friends might not care what your style is, but it really makes a difference. If you’re really looking to get to the top, make it reflect in your environment.

If you’re not sure if you have good taste, or aren’t the best at decorating, ask a friend for help or hire a professional. There are tons of decorators out there who can give you tips for decorating and aren’t that expensive. Check out our website (www.mauveinteriors.com) we’re we have a couple of packages that can help you to re-vamp your room with décor or with paint.

For your inspirational space you’ll want to work with colour! I’m sure you’re all heard of colour psychology where you can paint your wall a certain colour to help you be more focused. Use that to your advantage!

To recap the last two points: keep it clean and have good taste!

Space Structure #3 – Don’t be cheap!

If you are starting out in the business world or have your first apartment and don’t have much of a budget, you still want to get some things that are of good taste and don’t scream ‘you-got-this-at-the-dollar-store’.

Especially with the DIY craze there are a lot of things that are homemade which is nice, but if your whole décor screams that, maybe not the best place to have it if your looking to appear more professional. Not everything has to be expensive. You definitely don’t have to go with all designer furniture, but you want to have a couple of things that are more mid to high end. You want to have some nice chairs, nice seating, and a nice coffee table. You don’t want to have your décor look like it’s from the dollar store, but don’t over complicate it either. Find a nice vase that is not too expensive and throw pillows don’t have to be expensive either as long as they look good. You do want to spend a bit more on artwork which always adds a layer of sophistication and makes your space look nicer. Get some artwork that inspires you. Maybe it has a quote on it or it’s a nice piece of artwork that when you look at it you can sit back and it helps you generate more ideas :). It helps you get inspired again and it reconnects to your ‘why’ if you have your own business.

In short I recommend spending a bit more on artwork, furniture, coffee table and side table then you can go a bit cheaper on the throw pillows, the plants and the vases with flowers. As long as you don’t go with cheap dollar store flowers that really look fake. But no need to fresh flowers all the time, unless that is part of your inspiration.

Layout, Structure & Décor Recap

Comfortable place:

  • Use colours that make you feel relaxed. That tends to NOT be red for most people as it is a strong colour but more blues, greens, purples, pink. Find something that makes you calm.

Typically your comfortable is a pretty private space in your house. Especially if you’re using you bedroom. So go ahead and use that poster you have from high school if you still like it and it makes you feel at home 😉

You want to have a nice piece of furniture to sit on, some colours that help you relax, and some pictures or artwork that make you feel really at home and make you LOVE that space and you home.

Inspirational Space:

  • In this space go with the more inspirational artwork and quotes.
  • You can type up a favourite quote and put it in a frame on your desk.
  • Comfortable seating is a must if this area is at your desk! Get a nice and comfy office chair!
  • Fresh plants
  • Space for your favourite books to be displayed

Entertaining Space:

Your appearance. It should say, ‘this is who I am’ and ‘I’m a professional’.

  • Make sure you have enough seating for guests, especially if you entertain a lot and have people over regularly.
  • They should also have a place to set their drink.
  • This is where you should splurge on nicer artwork
  • Get some colour in there  – plants, flowers
  • Collectibles and conversation pieces you got from a recent trip.
  • Structure your seating so people can easily have a conversation (circle, have some chairs facing each other)
  • There should be enough space in between the chairs so people can move around and not have to squeeze by other people or the furniture

I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment with the best tip you got out of this blog or any questions. Or let me know what you do decorate and condition your environment for greatness!

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