This blog is going to be a bit more personal because Mauve Interiors is going to go through a bit of a cleanup and identity change over the next few weeks. And the direction it’s going to take is going to be based on my personal experience and those that are in a similar boat. All so I can better serve you!

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“The real purpose of designing and decorating a home is to make it more functional, more practical, and more efficient. In short, it’s to help make our lives easier and more pleasant! Now who wouldn’t want that?”


My view of décor and design has changed greatly over the years. I used to think it was all about making a room look pretty, having nice expensive furniture, and having my home look like it was from a magazine or Pinterest. But as I started taking classes and learning more about what goes on during the process of designing and decorating I realized that it’s not that at all! The real purpose of designing and decorating a home is to make it more functional, more practical, and more efficient. In short, it’s to help make our lives easier and more pleasant! Now who wouldn’t want that?

Until about a year ago I was caught in a whirlwind. I got caught in a world that spun just a bit too fast, which I’m sure most of you are familiar with, with too many things to do and barely enough time to do them. On days or evenings where I was too tired to do anything I felt guilty for taking some time to rest.

During my school days I spent my evenings practicing piano, going to dance classes, doing homework and making/designing jewelry. I liked being busy at that time! In University I worked to pay for my tuition, I completed a Spec Hons Bachelor, and 2 certificates. What most people did in 5 years I did in 4. I got tired. A lot. And post graduation I settled into a full time job managing a music, theatre, and dance school. And that’s where I wondered, now what? Does it never stop? You push, push and push and in the end you wake up and realize you haven’t had any real fun in ages, you haven’t had a stress free day in forever.

When before I would enjoy spending time with friends and was always ready to lend a helping hand now I hid in my corner to avoid helping at all cost.


A year ago now I quit my job managing the music and dance school, part of the reason being to take an extended vacation to visit my boyfriend in Costa Rica. I didn’t quite know what I would do next but had no problem leaving because I needed a nice long break! Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend a few months in Costa Rica!?

After some weeks or trying to relax and clear my head I came to the conclusion that I wanted to jump back into décor & design which I had always loved. It also sprung from the need to have a properly designed space to help me completely relax and tune in to myself again. The importance of surrounding myself with colors that drew out my energy or helped me relax became evident to me. As did the logicality of decorating my surroundings with items that made me feel good and inspired me and structuring everything (layout & décor) to be convenient and easy.

Having everything designed in a way that made me happy to come home, that made it easier to do certain tasks and influenced my motivation just made sense. Life can be complicated enough as it is! After my extended Costa Rican vacation I headed back to Canada for a few months as I got ready for a more permanent move to Costa Rica in January. There again I made sure I brought those principals of design & décor with me. And with that focus of aiming to make my life easier in the areas I can control only now is my ambition in life truly coming back!

Why do I design and decorate?

  • To design a life I love
  • To manipulate my environment so that I can relax, be inspired, and be more creative
  • To help me be more productive in the areas that are important to me
  • So that I can bring my best self forward in every situation
  • Because it makes me happy 🙂


I want you to have all of that too, to experience a life of abundance, happiness, and joy. Everyone has a different path in life but all of us experience being too busy or a lack balance in our lives at some point. How would it change your life if you could manipulate the environment of your home with décor to design the life you’ve always wanted? We all know the importance of good design and décor in commercial spaces (sell more, make clients more comfortable, stimulate appetite, have a more productive meeting, etc). Let’s apply some of those to our homes!

Let’s work together in making your life a little (or a whole lot) easier! Book an E-Design package today or contact me directly so we can look at the best options for you:


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