Have you ever bought furniture or decor online? Or do you always hesitate and ask yourself… is the color going to be the same as what I’m seeing on the computer? What does the fabric feel like? Is the chair sturdy and comfortable? How big or small is this item?

There is a way to get all of those questions answered and make sure that when your decor and furniture arrives at your home it is exactly what you expected and wanted or more!

Yes, online is the new way to go

These days most industries are moving away from Brick & Mortar stores and moving towards online platforms. Things are no different for interior design and decor! You can contract an interior designer through the internet (e-design) from almost anywhere in the world, and usually for a fraction of the price of hiring a designer to come to your home. Plus, there are now multiple stores and platforms that sell furniture and decor exclusively online.

I recommend 100% that you take advantage of this growing online world (even though once in a while it is fun to go to the store and try out all of the different couches and chairs)! Here are the top websites that I recommend for furniture and decor and were for answers to your questions above.

*I do not have any affiliate relation with any of these websites.

Recommended sites:


You will find absolutely everything you need on these websites! Now here is how to make sure you get exactly what you want and aren’t disappointed with things like the color, texture, quality and size when you receive your shipment.

Look at material specifications:

At lot is known about a product and it’s quality just by looking at the material specifications for that product. Since you can’t touch the objects or furniture you are looking at online it is extremely important to look at these specifications! There are few things as disappointing as receiving something plastic-y when you are expecting glass or metal, or receiving a laminate piece of furniture when you were expecting hard wood or veneer.  Another tricky one is with leather. If you see the words leatherette be warned that it is not leather, it is vinyl that is stamped to look like leather.

If you’re not sure what a material is look it up or shoot me a message with your questions!

Look at size and measurements:

You should be able to find the size and dimensions of the objects or furniture right on the webpage. Make sure you take the time to look at those measurements and mark them out in the space you’ll be decorating!

For large furniture pieces I like to tape out the space on the floor with painters tape. That way I can better imagine if the couch or furniture unit will fit where I want to put it. Another way is to use 1 or multiple boxes to simulate the piece of furniture. This will give you the footprint it will occupy on the floor and in the 3D space! For decor objects I try to find something else in my house that is relatively the same size (a bowl, plate, bottle, book, etc.) and use that as a place holder to see if the decor object I want to buy will fit on my book shelf, coffee table, counter top, etc.

Last, but definitely not least, if you are buying large pieces of furniture make sure it will fit through doorways, hallways, staircases or any other narrow space you have to get by in order to get that furniture piece into the room! A lot of furniture that is shipped comes apart and needs to be assembled, which takes away that concern, but not all of it does, so make sure you measure and check how it is being shipped before ordering!

Look at color:

This can be a hard one to judge from online photos, especially if you are trying to match another object or piece of furniture to the same color. I try to look at all the pictures of the object and compare the color to the other colors in the picture. Costumer sometimes also review the color which leads me to the next point…

Look at customer reviews:

Customer reviews can be a gold mine for information like size, materials, quality, color, comfiness and much more! But… look at everything with a grain of salt because everyone has their own preferences and opinions. You will find one person saying a chair is too hard and cheap while someone else will say that it’s just right and sturdy. Look for the majority in opinions and know yourself and what you like and are looking for.

Look at the return policy:

If you aren’t sure about something it’s good to take a look at see if that item can be returned or not. Especially if it’s a big purchase!

Last recommendation:

If you tend to be indecisive or know you won’t be able to choose between the 10 different sofas you have open in your browser this is for you: don’t try to look at everything available out there! Sounds logical but there are thousands of items on each site under each category and it’s easy to get lost scrolling through endless table lamps and become overwhelmed.

Before starting your search I suggest you set some parameters. You can usually filter searches on the website by price, color, brand, style and so much more. Start by using the filters to narrow down your search then set yourself a timer (I like to say 10 mins). In that time find as many items that you like in a category as you can (artwork, sofas, lamps, etc.) Once that 10 mins is up stop browsing and go through what you found. Narrow those items down as much as possible based on other criteria you might need to take into account (size, material, price, etc) until you end up with the one you will buy. The key here, once the time is up and you are going through your results, is to avoid searching for new things or looking at the suggested/related items that often come up at the bottom of each items page. Keep doing this for all the items on your list (sofa, lamp, artwork, TV stand, bedding, pillows, etc….)

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