Re-decorating or trying to put together your home is usually like everything else in life…you have a wonderful idea but it can take forever to get it done. Seems like life is just soo busy! It doesn’t have to be that way though. You can re-decorate or design your dream home in no time with a couple of project management tips. Plus, a little secret… these 8 steps can also apply to other areas of your life.

“For some reason we sometimes get ‘afraid’ to complete a project and leave it for months before completing the last step or adding the finishing touches.”

1 – Create A Plan

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out everything that needs to get done in a project and for that reason it drags on or never gets finished! Start by writing down all the various elements for your project that you can think of (i.e. Painting your living room: buy supplies, get rid of clutter, remove furniture from room, clean & prep walls, etc.). If it’s a project you are tackling for the first time or aren’t sure how to break it down into elements look up a tutorial on YouTube or a similar projet on Pinterest for step-by-step instructions.

2 – Create Small Attainable Goals

Doing a couple of small things each day is proven to be more effective then doing a big part of your project at sporadic intervals. See which steps/elements can be broken down into even smaller steps and aim to do only 1-2 things per day or week, then if you end up achieving more you’ll be happy :). Also look to see if you can batch (combining similar tasks) together to save you some time!

3 – Write A Timeline

As mentioned in the previous point, pace yourself! After all, it is the tortoise that won the race, right? Create a rough estimation of how long the project or each of the steps will take you to complete and stick to it! Slot some times to work on those on your calendar and re-assess or adjust your calendar once you’ve started and seen how much actual time it is taking you to complete a step.

4 – Make It Fun!

If you are painting and re-decorating you living room and see that you’ll have to paint for 4 days straight break it up with something different and exciting like shopping online for décor items. Or if you are moving and are getting overwhelmed with packing or trying to pick which couch to buy take a day to just think and visualize how you want your finished project to look like!

5 – Take Pictures To See The Progress!

Looking back on pictures and seeing how much you have done already will inspire you to keep going if you end up in a rut. Sometimes we just see all of the work we have to do and forget to congratulate ourselves on the progress. Take the time to enjoy the journey! Plus, I guarantee that you like looking back on those pictures and posting before & afters for your friends to see.

6 – Get A Friend Involved

Enrolling the help of a friend can be a lifesaver! They can help you keep focused and you can see if you can get them to do the things might not like doing as much like hanging artwork or making a decision on which lamp to buy ;). Another way to have your friends help you is to schedule a party for the end of the project for them to come admire all your hard work (leave a buffer of a couple days to couple weeks between the date and when you think you’ll be done by so you don’t stress yourself out). Add this as a deadline on your timeline!

7 – Avoid getting sidetracked!

Are you ever guilty of starting a project then leaving it to start another more exciting one? When it comes to decorating your home try to work on one project at a time. If you’ve started decluttering and changing the layout in your bedroom finish that off before tackling your backroom renos.

8 – Don’t be afraid to finish!!

For some reason we sometimes get ‘afraid’ to complete a project and leave it for months before completing the last step or adding the finishing touches. Grab the bull by the horns on this one and declare your project finished. Rarely will something be perfect so at some point you need to let it go and wrap it up!

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