Are you thinking of tackling a kitchen renovation?

Chances are, sooner or later, you’ll want to update or change your kitchen! You’ll find tons of beautiful Pinterest inspirations, budget it out, and dream of a kitchen that makes you actually want to cook (and hopefully stays clean :P)!

There is one problem with kitchen remodels though that could end up causing you a headache or two and a chunk of your paycheck… your floors! Especially if you are changing the layout of your kitchen and/or you have an open concept home!

Why is that? Because in some homes the kitchen cabinets were put down before the flooring. That means that if you want to change the layout you’ll end up with patches without flooring which might be impossible to fix without having to replace your entire floor (imagine having to change the entire floor in an open concept home…). Even if the floor was laid out before your cabinets, changing the layout can leave you with a patch of different colored floor where you used to have cabinets. This usually happens if the rest of your floor has faded or is worn down.

But don’t worry, there are some work arounds and creative ways that you can “fix” your floors without having to replace everything, and get that gorgeous kitchen you’ve been dreaming about! 

Kitchen Reno Flooring Tip #1: Keep the exact same layout

This might limit the changes you can do but if you are tight on budget and the layout isn’t the main reason you are remodeling, my first recommendation is that you work within the existing layout. Just swap out your cabinets but keep them in the same place. The same goes for your fridge, oven and dishwasher. That way, unless you floors are in really bad shape, it will be a quick and easy kitchen reno. Go ahead and dream on!  

If you are changing your layout you’ll most likely need to fix the kitchen floor. Here are a couple of creative ways your can work this out without changing the floor in the entire house.     

Kitchen Reno Flooring Tip #2: Add a floor division 

This works well if your kitchen is in a room of itself, if you have an island, or some pillars that already create a clear indication of where the kitchen area is. First, delimit the edge of your kitchen area. If you’ve got an island line the change in floor with the outside edge of the island like in the photo bellow. You’ll change the floor only in that kitchen area, leaving the rest as it is. You’ll also need to transition those two floors together with a separator, which is a “third” material that serves as a transition, because two different floors butting up against each other doesn’t look good or clean. That “third” material can be a border from the same hardwood floor you have in the rest of the house (only place in the oposite grain direction as the rest of your floor) or a third material entirely. Don’t be scared to try fun flooring combinations!

Kitchen Reno Flooring Tip #3: Get fun and creative 

Another option is to get creative and play with geometric tiles. This works well if your kitchen doesn’t already have a visual separation from the rest of the house like and island, pillars, or a doorway. Find a fun tile, like an hexagon, and replace an irregular part of your floor like the picture below. Perfect if there is only a small patch of floor to replace! There are so many tile options out there these days with different colors, shapes, pattern that you can really add some personality right here.

Which of the three methods do you like best? Shoot me a message in the comments below 🙂

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