Drrruuummm roll please! Pantone’s color of the year for 2018 is here and I’m excited about because it’s…. Ultra-Violet! If you haven’t been able to guess yet my favorite color is purple. Plus, ultra-violet is so fun an vibrant, that it would be hard not to get exciting!

What’s the deal with Pantone’s color of the year you may ask? Basically it means you start seeing décor items in this color and other colors that will match. That way everything is coordinated in the market. Take a look at the blog post I wrote in March about 2017’s color of the year Greenery: Pantone’s Color Of the Year Is…Who Cares?? to see how that can impact your décor!

Now you may ask, how can I put such a bold color into my décor without it looking tacky and overdone? I’ve got some ideas for you plus some of the best colors it combines with so you don’t end up with an over saturated violet room!

Pantone Ultra-Violet & Gold

Gold is a color that goes well with any shade or tone of purple. It gives is a royal richness that makes both colors stand out and makes a room warm and inviting. I suggested using this color combination in the social areas of your home.

Best used in:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Entry
  • TV room
  • Dining room
  • Guest washroom

Both colors are very strong so make sure to combine them with neutrals (greys, beiges, blacks, and whites) for the walls and large pieces of furniture and use the gold and violet for accents and décor.

Pantone Ultra-Violet & Navy

The combination of navy and violet is mysterious and deeply relaxing. I love this color combination for a bedroom! Especially a spacious master bedroom with dark navy walls and violet accessories. The result is a strikingly dark, mysterious, relaxing, and inviting room.

Best used in:

  • Spacious bedroom

For a slightly toned down choice use the navy and violet in the curtains, pillows, duvet cover, area rug and artwork on white or greige walls.

Pantone Ultra-Violet & Black, White

Black, white and violet is very versatile when used together. Just by playing with how much of each color you use and textures in fabrics and other materials you can create a feminine look, a modern look, a royal look, and more!

Best used in:

  • Bedroom
  • Minimalist living room
  • Entrance

The key here is to play with textures so your room looks welcoming! If not, it can look cold and lack personality.

Pantone Ultra-Violet & Green

The key to making green and violet look good together is to find the right tone of green and the right amount to use. With the wrong balance it can easily make room look dated or circus-like. If you have a fun, vibrant personality and like colors you can combine this year’s Ultra-Violet with last year’s Greenery. If not, choose a toned down green like a light moss or minty green so that the violet does the taking.

Best used in:

  • Kitchen
  • Kid’s bedrooms
  • Outdoor patios

Don’t be afraid to try it! The worst that can happen is that it’s ‘too much’ in which case you can always remove one or two décor pieces or add some white or black to the mix to tone down the colors (i.e. Add a white pillow in between green and violet pillows, or put together a green, violet, and white vase on the corner of a counter).

Which color combination catches your eye? Would you decorate your home with some violet?


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