If you somewhat follow design or trends and like watching HGTV shows or walking through home stores for decor items you know that every year there are different colours that are “IN”. What does this mean exactly for you and how are you supposed to use this to your advantage?

Because in one way it can be totally annoying!! I once spent a couple days going through almost all of the décor and home stores in the city looking for the right coloured green and orange accessories – and they had to be the right shades to not look like a Halloween décor – to no avail because the colours weren’t in that year :(. I did end up pulling it off, but by changing my plan a bit and using theses colours in paint and buying accessories in a more neutral colour to tie it all together. Paint is wonderful BTW because it is always available in any colour imaginable.

Or I’m sure some of you have had in mind buying the perfect little blue dress but could not find anything in the blue you were imagining! Thankfully that never happens with little black dresses ;).

Before I show you exactly how you can use colour trends to your advantage and how fun it can be here is a bit of fun background info on how the colour of the year comes about:

Colour trends don’t just magically happen. There is actually an association called the International Color Authority that meets twice a year in London to determine and decide on the next colour palette. What happens in this meeting is a big secret until they release their selection 22 months before the retail selling season! There is also the Color Marketing Group and the Color Association of the United States who influence the colour section and trends. This is all so that when you go to the stores you’ll find items that match! The fabrics on the pillows will match the colours available for drapes and the dresses at the store will match of colours of clutches and shoes. Typically colour trends in home and décor follow the fashion industry by a year or two. So when we were seeing burgundy, dark green and dark blue in clothes a couple years ago, we could have guessed that we’d see these colours in home décor this year!

There are other factors that will affect colour trends though. Like when times were grim with the recession and the war darker, more grim colours, were in play. But after a bit we start getting tired of drab colours and you slowly start seeing the brighter, happier colours, pop up again! Or after Michelle Obama wore that lovely yellow dress she pushed the trend forward and yellow became popular again. Cool right?

In 2016 we saw A LOT of neutrals from white, to grey, to greige to taupes and this year the scale has started tipping in the opposite direction into darker, more saturated colours. Were seeing the return of ‘jewel’ tone colours like dark blues and green and even black! It’s super exciting to see :).

Now back to you!

Let’s see where you are and how you can apply the latest colours:

If you like keeping up with the Joneses

  • Great! This is where you can play and have fun! Begin with a completely neutral  house so that you don’t have to replace all of your big furniture pieces with every colour trend change or get your walls repainted every year. Then go wild with accessories in this year’s newest colour palette! Get the newest, the latest and the trendiest. When next year rolls around change the covers on your throw pillows and keep on trending.

If you don’t care one bit

  • If you’re reading this blog and have read this far I find it hard to believe you don’t care one bit about colours and trends, but in case you do, don’t worry, you can go about your business ignoring trends and no one will die. You just might have trouble finding green pillows or a light blue dress the next time you’re out looking…

If you’re in the middle

  • Good for you :). When your fancy strikes to re-decorate or re-paint, take a look at the colours that are in this year. If you find one that you really like and you know you can live with that colour for a few years, go ahead and paint a feature wall or a whole room in that colour. Find accessories that match by looking at the rest of the colour palette that is ‘IN’. If you’re not a huge fan of what’s in at the time take a look at what was in the previous year as chances are plenty of stores are still carrying these colours, or take a look and see if you can find the forecasted colours for the following season!

Do you follow colour trends or do you usually just go with your own set of favourite colours regardless of what is currently popular? Let me know in a comment below!

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