MAPIFUL! This start-up company gives you the ability to customize and personalize a map of your favorite place. If you’ve travelled a lot or have lived in another country for a while (or are at the moment) this is great way to bring some of your personality into your décor!!

Perfect for: A modern, contemporary or minimalist décor. Home office, bedroom, or entrance.

As some of you might know, in January I moved to Costa Rica to be closer to my boyfriend and his family. I had been here to visit a good 12-15 times in the 4 years prior to that so it is a place that I am familiar with. Regardless, there is a big difference between being a tourist and being a ‘local’ learning about day to day life, speaking a different language all the time, and seeing even the most basic things with new eyes. 

I’ve embraced a lot of new things and love heading out to the beach on the coast, going out with friends, trying new food, visiting fancy resorts just to have a drink, hiking in the tropical forest and I could go on! But there is always a part of me that will miss certain things from back home. I love these maps because it’s a fun way to remember home and a great conversation starter! 


Hop on to mapiful’s website and check it out for yourself. You can create a personalized map of your favorite place, they print it for you, and ship to anywhere in the world!   


*I have no affiliation with this company and do not receive any commission on sales.* 

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