To be completely honest with you, I never liked hanging artwork or frames! It’s just a pain to have to measure the correct height. Then, if your artwork or frame is on the heavy side, you hope that there is a stud at the correct place in the wall so that it will support it (and it very very rarely happens)! Then you have to make sure it’s straight which is easier with someone’s help.

I’ve just never had the patience for it. Wishing I could just stick a nail anywhere in the wall and hang the artwork. Here in Costa Rica it’s easier – ish. Most of the walls are made out of concrete (no wood and drywall here!) so you really can hang your artwork anywhere on the wall. You can’t stick a nail in it though so out needs to come the drill, an expander, and a screw. Either way I’m screwed (pun intended).

Here are some things that I learned along the way that will hopefully make your life a little bit easier the next time you are hanging picture frames or art!


Ideally your artwork should be at eye level. It just doesn’t make sense to have to glance up or down to admire the painting and all your work that went into hanging it. For most people that ends up being between 150-160cm (59-63”), or for my Costa Rican friends the standard is at 140cm (55”). Because, you know, you’re just a bit shorter :).

Artwork height

Measure from middle of artwork to nail hole:

To figure out where to put the screw or nail in the wall, just measure from the middle of the painting to the hanging hook on the back of the painting. Add this measurement to the standard eye level height (140-160cm) and that is the height you’ll put your nail/screw at.

How high to hang artwork

Centered or off centered:

Most of the time artwork looks best when it’s centered on the wall or centered above a large piece of furniture. If you are hanging 2 or more pieces of artwork close together make sure they evenly split center. There are times where putting artwork off center works and gives personality without looking “off” but it’s best when balanced with another object next to it.

Nail vs Screw:

If you are hanging your artwork on a wall that is drywall and studs (the pieces of wood that frame the wall and support the drywall) and that stud happens right where you’ll hang your artwork then using a nail is the fastest and easiest. If you won’t be hitting a stud or your wall is concrete then you’ll need a screw with expander. First drill a hole the diameter of the expander, stick the expander in the wall, and screw the screw into the expander. You’ll now be secured for any artwork, big or small!

Multiple frames:

When putting together a gallery wall aim to have one of the sides line up with each other. That way it connects the frames together making look like an overall piece of art instead of a random collage. Typically you’ll see that line on the top or bottom:

Gallery wall
Gallery wall
easy gallery wall

But it can be on the side as well to make it more dynamic:

Gallery wall

Do you have any tricks that you use when putting up artwork on the wall? Share them in the comments bellow!

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