Have you ever been stuck as to how to decorate your washroom and/or kitchen? Both can be tricky to decorate the right way without crowding your counter space or accumulates dust and mildew! What I would recommend is to focus on your walls!

Dress Up Your Walls

Avoid putting any décor items on your countertops, especially if you have a small washroom or kitchen. Walls are your gold mine here in terms of décor. Paint is a good way to add a touch of character to a room but sometimes you need a little more or you might prefer white or very neutral walls. In this case artwork is the way to go! A word of caution though, don’t go looking for fancy or expensive artwork. It’s too easy for it to get damaged by humidity or grease splatters in the kitchen.

So What Should I Get?

I would recommend prints that you can print from home and hang in a simple, modern frame. If you choose the right print it will look incredibly and be inexpensive without looking cheap! Make sure the frame has a glass in front to protect your print from water or possible cooking spatters and can be easily cleaned.

Any Print in Particular?

Yes! I have my favorites that I will recommend to you and give you a link to so you can print and use. Not only are they my favorites because I like how they look, the colors, and the images but because they are the trend these days yet also timeless! Just by changing the frame they will go with any style, that it be your own style or the style of your home. They also speak extremely to the feelings each space should give you… Your washroom should give you the feeling of being in a spa and your kitchen of being a 5-star restaurant kitchen.

For your washroom pick prints of tropical plants, leaves, and flowers.

For your kitchen print of herbs, fruits, and veggies

Get All of My Favorite Prints

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The Best Way to Showcase Artwork

Here are a few examples of creative ways to hang or place artwork in a washroom or kitchen:

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/95/45/2d/95452dc5bcb7d0debec7db8c24bcea82.jpg http://www.mydomaine.com/how-to-design-a-bathroom/slide5 http://bungalow5.dk/botanic-urban/ https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/32721534777237641/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BJAvX_2A4kn/
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