Creative is one of those words that have many meanings! Do you consider yourself creative? What is your definition of creative? If I told you it’s more a state of mind than anything else and that you can become increasingly more creative would you believe me? Today having to ability to be creative or one of it’s synonyms (inventive, imaginative, innovative, experimental, original) is sought after and is what differentiates you from so many other candidates in the work force. It’s not enough to just have a degree. Let me show you some ways you can increase your creativity!

I consider myself a creative person (you kind of have to be to be an interior decorator :P). But still, I always catch myself looking at other people’s ideas and think wow, I would not of thought of that… Not to mention that in a world where everything is at our finger tips it’s very easy to compare ourselves to others.

It’s Not Just For Artistic Things

Even though creativity is normally thought of for artistic work, it’s usefulness for day to day tasks and corporate jobs is beyond measure! If you want to play with the big boys and girls you have to show your creativeness in your work and in problem solving. If it’s not your instinct to think outside the box and come up with more efficient ways to do things this can seam daunting, but those skills can be honed and are well worth the investment :).

In interior décor creativeness plays a big role in seeing just the right way to place furniture or accessories, seeing new and unique ways to use or combine object, and of course in DIY projects.

Hone Your Creative Skills

If you don’t try you don’t grow. Honing your creative skills comes with a lot of playing around, fun right? Yet it is also very hard to keep pushing yourself to see things with a creative lens and not get stuck into old ways of thinking and old habits day in and day out.

First you have to know what is already out there. Educate yourself on your surroundings and your industry and learn all you can. You can’t be creative if you don’t already have a base to launch from and don’t know what has already been invented and tried.

Start small. Start by examining your morning or nightly routine and see if there are better, funner, or more efficient ways to do what you do. If you are not sure, just give it a try. Next move on to your routine at work; what can you improve there? Keep examining things around you with an open and critical eye and try to see 2-3 different ways of doing things. The more you force yourself to think creatively the easier it will become. If you keep at it consistently you’ll notice you’ll start getting creative bursts of inspiration without having to think about it, but you have to start allowing yourself to see possibilities before this happens.     

Interior designers and decorators constantly hone their creative skills by looking at a room and imagining it with a different layout, seeing how décor items at the store would fit in your apartment, generating new ideas based on Pinterest pins, daydreaming, etc.

In Conclusion

Creativity is yours if you want it and is one of the best skills you can develop because it transfers over every discipline. Make it a daily habit to experiment with innovative and imaginative ways of doing even the most mundane task. You’ll probably suck at it at first and that is more than ok, it’s actually part of the fun of seeing how you thought process changes after a short time. What will you employ your creativity for? Your next décor project? Decision making? Let ne know in the comments below!

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