E-Design has been growing in the last couple of years. And it’s exciting because it’s the perfect pairing with pinterest! Let me explain my excitement :).

Everything these days revolves around your favourite HGTV show (fixer upper, property brothers, flip or flop etc.), the DIY craze and, as I already mentioned, those perfect Pinterest pins in that ever growing board of yours.

I imagine you have tons of ideas or how you would like your home to look like (current or future) but let’s face it… it’s not as simple as it seems because frankly, you have a life, and most of the time it’s a lot more fun and easier to dream about perfect homes and projects then actually doing it. Trust me, I know! As much as you’d love to bring your ideas to life there always seems to be lack of time, or it just becomes overwhelming to choose cause there are so many good ideas. Which one do you start with?

In comes E-Design!

  • Your Ultimate E-Design guide: What is it anyways?
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“E-Design. It’s like receiving a bag full of your favourite goodies!”

It’s actually the perfect combination of doing some of the work yourself and being in control, plus having a designer to help you with the things you are unsure about! You can share your Pinterest boards or the things you like with a designer and they will help you bring that reality to life. Not to mention the advantage that it’s much cheaper than hiring a traditional designer, and it’s usually faster.

There are various E-Design packages you’ll find out there, such as: simple consultation (think quick question to a designer), colour packages to help you pick the paint colours (and more), and layout packages to get a beautiful and functional room. Learn more about those here.

Or you can go with the all-inclusive (personally my favourite) and get the upper hand on your next reno, décor or DIY project! Here is what it entails:

  1. Take a style quiz

    This helps the designer know what you like, what you want to change in your room and what you want to keep. It also gets you thinking and really defining your wish list.

  2. Initial consultation with your designer

    So that both of you are on the same page and there are no nasty surprises; only good ones :). Here is where you can ask all sorts of questions and get your designers’ take on the DIY project you want to include in the design.

  3. Measure and photograph your room

    Your designer will give you specific instructions on how and what to measure/photograph. This is super important so that the final design is functional and beautiful in your space! Always ask for specifications if you’re not sure on how to go about this.

  4. Share with your designer

    Share the measurements and pictures you just took plus all of those inspirational pictures you are storing on Pinterest or have seen in your favourite magazine. Specify what you like in each picture (i.e. colour on the walls, sofa, accessories, placement of furniture, etc.). It’s also a good idea to share pictures of things you don’t like and specify what it is in the picture that makes your blood boil over.

  5. Get a sneak peak with your preliminary mood board

    A few days to a week later you’ll receive the preliminary design from your designer. Yay! This usually includes 2-3 options of colours and furniture in the form of a mood board.

  6. Give feedback and narrow down your choices with your designer

    Let your designer know what you like and what you don’t like in those options. We want to make sure you absolutely love the final design!

  7. Receive final package with shopping list, step by step instructions on installation, paint colours, etc.

    It’s like receiving a bag full of your favourite goodies! You’ll get 3-D designed pictures of what your room will look like, a shopping list with where to buy the items you are missing, step by step instructions on how to put your room together, specific paint colours and more! If you’d like help on purchasing the items on your shopping list ask us about our shopping packages.

  8. Put everything together and send your after pics to your designer!

    Armed with your design package and easy to follow instructions you’ll have your whole room together in no time. Don’t forget to snap pictures of the final product and send them to your designer.

And boom! You have that room that you’ve been dreaming of for who knows how long. Sit back, enjoy your work and invite some friends over to see your new place!

Don’t forget to check out our E-Design packages here or email us at design@mauveinteriors.com if you have any questions!

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